A Date with the Wonder Woman!

Friday, April 06, 2012

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I went to Trinoma almost a week ago to meet Angel of Wonder Woman Rises for the first leg of our "whole day affair" (Converse Event!). Just a week after my Krissyfied Date, here I am again enjoying the solo company of different friend. I think I am more of a small-group-type-of-person. I love riot laugh trip crowds, but there's nothing like the intimacy of getting to know people more in a small (2-3 persons) group. Introvert in me coming out again!

Our first stop for Converse was the The Asia Crown Event, a gathering of skaters in the metro. Angel told me she used to be a skater girl back in Bangkok (where she grew up). Avril Lavigne isthatchu? ;D

I actually had a behind-the-scene contribution in this event, pooling the bloggers with Pax for their standee project. :)

We had these cool bloggers:

Your highness Paul Jatayna

Lexi "the second" Gancayo

Paul the PR Guy, or Paul Chuapoco

Seph Cham, the half of the Love Chic love team

Scene Stealer's Lissa Kahayon

David "from DG Manila" Guison

and Cheyser Pedregosa aka The Walking Recessionista!

They also had Converse shoes and apparels on sale in the area:

That's pro skater Kenny Anderson right there, whom we weren't able to meet :( (sya pa naman ang pakay ni Angel, hindi talaga ako guys! Hahaha!)

Fond of gray shoes right now:

Hi-cut version

Didn't know they have neat clothes, like these paint-splatted tops

Classic Converse is Classic!

I love how they exhibit their tees (bazaar ideas, hehe)

Slippers area, with beach vibes

Cute polka dots and mint slip ons

Pink polka dots slippers

Milky Chucks (the mint one made my heart melt)

Too cool for school leather Chucks

I ain't happyyyy... Haha, Gorillaz X Converse:

Boys enjoying the finger skating area:

At first I thought it was lame (than the real thing), but I can't even do this (haha)

Achieve si koya, nag fifreestyle pa!

I was on the lookout for cute skater boys (chos lang)

Spray paints for graffiti boards

The long registration line composed of skater boys and girls ...

Their playground: 

Then the forever-uncooperative Manila skies played with squid ink again...

No stopping the boys at first, but later on..

Tawa pa kami ng tawa niyan ni Angel!

We stopped laughing when water reached this level:

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Sad to leave the event earlier than planned (kaya no interview with Kenny :( ), and my Hush Puppies had to act like rain boots for me just to reach the mall area. :( Buti nalang Converse slippers ang binigay samin! ;) Hahaha, bongga!

Paul the PR Guy (aka Batman--or was it Superman? Sorry I am so poor with details :P) saves the day! 
Thank you for the ride and good conversations, Paul! :)
Squished between two superheroes!

Had to eat first, Angel and I headed to a favorite restaurant: Mexicali!
I think we overstayed here, talking about Angel's life and Bangkok stories. Interesting to listen to this girl!

We both had the cheese enchilada, nagugutom ako :P

After this, I have no photo of the hours we spent in Globe, but finally around nighttime Angel was able to replace the Blackberry she lost days ago! All is well!

Headed down south via shuttle for Bioessence in BF. Slept like a baby during the whole ride, what is nastress, haha.

After the light food served in the Bioessence lobby, Angel had a back massage:

While she treated me to a relaxing Diamond Peel facial treatment (we deserve this! lol)

Happy kids!

So many boo-boos (and outfit stripping, lol) in one day--but it wouldn't have been any more fun (and cheesier) if not for this girl! Belated happy birthday Angel, Wonder Woman of the blogging world! To more adventures and crazy talks, and to more caped crusaders and (basketball playing) dark knights willing to save us damsels in distress. Lolness!!! ;) MWAH!


  1. Sweet! I wish I could also be with you guys. #Dreaming Hahaha! :)

  2. didnt know converse has slippers! Looks a fun event! :)


  3. Ahhh! This made me so happy. Favorite part ko yung "outfit-stripping". Hahaha. Girly mo lang kasi masyado! I had a good time. Sorry ang tagal dun sa Globe ha and kung ang daldal ko nung day na yun. BTW, Paul is SUPERMAN! ;p

    1. No worries re globe, you need the phone na talaga and let's say one of my bday gifts na yun (my patience! ;D) lol! :) See you again soonest! Riot uli to, and I love your kwentos so wala yun! ;)

  4. Super cute niyong dalawa and nakaka-stress yung baha!! Haha! And I love the photo na you're in between two "superheroes" hehe! ♥ We love Angel!! :)


    1. Hahahaha nakakastressness talaga guuurl natalo ang funky plum hahaha :D

  5. super bonding kayo ni wonderwoman! so lovel :) Great event too!! :D


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