Happy Birthday to the Artsy Fartsy Ava! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Note: Sorry for the delayed post!!! 

Dear Beb Ah-vah:

Kung flashback nalang din ang ganap, we met through my online shop, with you as my buyer, and me as "Ms. Ana" (an epic tale we love to tell to our blogger friends). We set meet ups along DLSU area, many times, because you've always been very appreciative of my works and products. I love it whenever you would text or tweet me na you will always and forever be an "Anagon Baby". :)

Tweets from long time ago:

From our first event together (Glitterati!), I've seen how far na ang nareach mo in this whole blogging shiz (magazine features! multiple sponsors!)... I hope you know that I am proud of that!!!

....But maybe I am more proud of how you've remained humble and friendly to other people despite all your achievements. Can't help but say to myself, well, that's my gurl! ;)


One of our earlier events: L'Oreal and Accessorize!!!

Thank you thank you thank you for always visiting me during my bazaars--you know how much these events mean to me. You will go there, even fresh from school, and regardless if you'll be selling. You'll always tell me you're not there to shop for great finds, but to support a friend. 

So from just "Ms. Ana", I am glad I got to know you more, and I actually consider you as one of my closest friends. BEB na ang tawagan ngayon, woot! Thank you for listening to me and my "out of this world" side, and I will always be here for you (and baby Athan! :)), alamonayan I am just a BBM away...At ready nako manugod ng mga bullies (lol, alamoyan!)

At the end of the day, strip all the perks and freebies and events: I am just glad to have formed real friendships through this blog. Never lose that personal touch in your blog beb, and always remain sweet and real. 

Will end this post with my gift for you: A surprise message from our other dearest beb from lalaland! :D Na napakabibo lang, forever! Hahaha! Ikaw na ang kumanta Honey, hahaha! Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEB Ah-vah (ako lang ang pedeng tumawag sayo nyan! ;D Lol!)...I MISS YOU!!!


  1. *tears of joy* pero infair, natawa talaga ako ng bongga sa singing intro!!:)) Love you, girls! You made my "belated happy birthday" very happy!!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ANG DAMI KONG TAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))) Sinasadya ni Anagon na ilagay yung tassel belt photo ko!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

    Ava, ganyan kita kamahal.. Sumayaw at kumanta talaga ako para sayo.. :)))) Belated happy birthday!!!! :D Love you both!

  3. Miss you both alsoooo!!!! Sana may reunion na tayo! :)

  4. aww..I follow the 3 of you, nice to know bloggers can actually be friends :] where's mine? happy birthday Ms. Ava

  5. Awww na touch ako para kay Ava. Hehe. Pero super sweet ng gesture na to, this is what you call true friendship. :)

  6. Lailane: They will come :)

    Daphne: Thank you thank you :)


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