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Monday, May 21, 2012

A fashionable transition from SUMMER to RAINY DAY!

The key to a fashionable “transition” style is not to change the clothes that you wear or the summer style you rock with your tan from your weekend vacation, it still is summer but not completely!  All you need to do to “Accessorize!”

The key to changing your looks from day to night, office to party or even from sunny to rainy isn’t expensive after all. All you need are a couple of bags and shoes and a couple of accessories and you are ready to be in-fashion regardless of the weather or where you are going!

Tomato, your up to the minute fashion retail store gives you a wide collection of bags, shoes and watches that will make any piece of clothing you wear appropriate for any weather or occasion.  

Just like a good looking boyfriend in your arms that catches everyone’s attention when you walk in the malls, Tomato’s bags are lookers! The designs and styles are so “now” yet utilitarian. Colors range from bright colors to earth tone palette and are surprisingly so affordable that you can buy multiple pieces to suit your mood for the day!  

Another attention grabbing TOMATO merchandise are their wide selection of sandals and flats that are simply drop dead gorgeous! So affordably fashionable and comfortable. Perfect for the heat of the sun or the rain of the cloudy weather!  So if you are still confused of what clothes to wear during these times, don’t be anymore. Just wear anything you will look good in and grab some TOMATO delicious bags and flats and you are set to go anywhere you want! 


But be very careful with these fast fashion finds that cost so cheap because usually they also have cheap quality.  One fashion brand though offers affordable fashion from apparel to accessories that have very high standard of quality. The Tomato brand  is a fashion haven for the fashionista who  wants to be on-trend with the current fashion must-haves without spending so much. 

Tomato timepiece looks fashionably current, elegant and expensive but are priced at surprisingly affordable prices that range from P500 to P1,200 a piece!  With Japan mechanism and a one year warranty on all Tomato watches you are assured of high quality!  

By the way, Tomato Outlet Stores and Kiosks are having a watch sale from May 4 to June 17, 2012.  Selected stylish wrist watches for the urban men and women who have active lifestyle from corporate to party, casual to fashion  can buy 2 pcs of Tomato Watches for only P700! 

Check out Tomato Website at for store location.

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