BENCH x DAPHNE Home Scents Launch

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Hindi na nauubusan ng ganap! Yesterday, I went to Fort (yehey, my favorite place!) to check out the new BENCH products in collaboration with my favorite F-Girl Daphne Osena, this time the products are for the home. The invitation said they'll be launching their new Home Scents--As an aromatherapy-addict myself, how can I say no!

I met the woman of the hour Ms. Daphne Osena Paez before heading to my seat. I love her red lace top, and of course...her beautiful necklace adorned with precious medallions and faith icons. Wow.
I small-talked Ms. Daphne after taking this picture that I saw her Instagram post that morning about her necklace, hehe! I super adore her trademark jewelries.

Lovin' the tea party set-up, my weakness. Feeling Alice in Wonderland kasi ako palagi (Happy birthday nga pala kay Papa Johnny Depp--layong segue hehe)

My tablemates: Arnie Villanueva, Kelly Medina, Vanessa East, Papa Paul Chuapoco, and GF2 Sarah Tirona:

Before the program, we had the following treats:

 Sugar cubes ftw!!!

What is a tea party without macarons? :D

I was 30 minutes late and got very stressed with my time-management and hassles in commuting. I was jumpy the whole time. Tignan niyo naman: Asan nanaman ako nakatingin sa pic nato? Lol.

Calmed down a bit after drowning myself with coffee (my vitamins, hehe), laughed with my tablemates, and of course...I found the scent of the room really comforting.
 I asked Sarah if napansin nya yung room scent, and she said it smells like Homemade Lemon Tart...

...Which, btw, is included in the trio of Daphne Home Scents along with Mint Jasmine Infusion (a mix of floral and mint, inspired by an outdoor kitchen in Tuscany) and Acres of Lavender (which aids in sleep, is woodsy, soothing and relaxing), all available at BENCH for only Php348:

Also in the launch: Daphne's Furniture Label, also available in Dimensione:
 Her first piece is a range of chairs fashioned from farmed mahogany wood. My signature piece, the Daphne chair, is playful and a bit feminine,” she explains. “Nostalgia is a big part of my collection.” 

Available in purples, oranges, reds and yellows — inspired by her kids' love for ice cream — the chairs are whimsical yet rooted in practicality. 

I must say, I am in love with the details!

 The launch's host, Raymond Gutierrez, interviewing Daphne on her new ventures:

A Q&A portion (hi Verniece! :))

The event was graced by so many beautiful people, like Patty Laurel and Kelly Misa:

Went home with my own Daphne Home Scent in Mint Jasmine...Which is super PERFECT! I have always loved the minty smell for my room. I find it peace-inducing and relaxing, lakas maka tanggal ng anxieties. Had it set-up before sleeping last night (I love that hindi na kailangang i-light, very safe!)
I need more of this in my life!

I'm sure you'll love to experience the Daphne Home Scents for your own home or room. Anong bet niyo sa 3 scents? Leaving you with words from Ms. Daphne Osena Paez:

I believe that home fragrances are just as important as personal scents. It is the final touch in creating a well-dressed home.”

For more information and updates, like BENCH on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.
Visit Ms. Daphne Osena Paez's blog


  1. Cool furniture's!!

    Hello Ms. Ana! Remember? -Louise!! :)

  2. Sobrang saya lang nitong tea party pati our dinner right after! :)) Kaka-relax yung mga fragrances plus very elegant yung Daphne chairs!! Parang ayaw ko na umalis ng house :( Chos! Haha pero grabe 'no? Soon we'll live at The Fort!! :p


  3. i love daphne!!! would check this out :)

  4. Hi Ana!
    How does the Daphne home scents work without being lit? Open cap something like that lang? :O Hihi

  5. How does it work without being lit? :O Curious, but I want to try it for my room. College spells stress! HAHA

  6. hi is this already out in d market?

  7. Yup it's already in BENCH stores! :)
    And yup hindi na sya ilalight, open lang a cap and place the sticks, then babaliktarin lang the sticks after 30mins and amoy na sha!: )

  8. Galing nito ah! Gonna check this out for my room.


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