Never the Too-Serious Type

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Went to the Bench x Daphne Home Scents event yesterday in Dimensione High Street. The instant outfitey that I came up with for the biglaang event:

Comfy white t-shirt with perfect fit from the Perfect White Shirt (I used to resell their Little Miss tees! Hehe, memories!)
Black Skirt - an Espanya find, back during my USTEdyante days! :) For only 100 bucks!
Red Wedges - New babies from Parisian Bags and Shoes - High, but never uncomfy!
Thick black belt - arbor from Ate's closet
Black lakas-maka-executive Bag - Lapdance
Black watch with gold accents - arbor kay mother
Green ring - Anagon

Went for simple, and parang mag ooffice look...Something na hindi ko naexperience. Hehe. Can't be the fierce type, thus the funky red shoes.

My style inspi, alamnyoyan, forever favorite celebrity (should have brought shades, hehe)

And as my blog title goes: Can't be the too-serious type! Laughed in between taking pics! Lol. Salamat Kelly Medina for your patience! Hehe!

Here's how I look like after the event, hahaha. Fashionista commuter reprezent!

What's inside my napakaroomy Lapdance bag: 
The new OK! and Preview Magazines! 

Why get the PREVIEW June 2012 issue: 

-It's their 17th Anniversary issue!

-The cover features It Girls Isabelle Daza, Solenn Heussaff, Georgina Wilson, Anne Curtis, and Preview Fashion Editor-At-Large Liz Uy!

-"We couldn't resist bringing today's it girls together on one cover to see what happens when these stars collide." - Pauline Juan, Preview EIC

-This cover is the result of the popular Call Me Maybe viral vid:

Why get the OK! June 2012 issue: 

-Snow White and the Huntsman's main stars Kirsten Stewart and Charlize Theron on the cover.

-Features on Hollywood's dream weddings (Prince William and Kate Middleton, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Kate Moss and Jaime Hince)

- Pre-wedding workouts from Hollywood brides like Kate Middleton, Emily Blunt, Carrie Underwood, and Vanessa Minnilo

-This issue also features the second OK! Glam with Anne Hathaway on the cover!

-And of course, when I saw this name sa credits portion--ay must-buy na to!
Congrats Tracy Ayson! ;)


  1. That's also my go-to outfit this summer! White shirt+skirt. Pero sandals din instead of wedges dahil commuter din :))

    And your bag looks so classy! Do you know if Lapdance bags are sturdy?

  2. You should wear something like this often, really suits you!! :)


  3. Hooray! Thanks for having the June issue of OK! (and Preview) in your bag =)

    Hope you like it!

  4. Those girls are funny! Adore your shoes Ate Anna! =D

  5. I really like your leather bag, your smile is brilliant.
    hollywood outfits for sale


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