Sunday, June 24, 2012

Project: FLAWLESS - Part 1: Office Visit
I went to a Flawless intimate event with some bloggers including Pax, Thysz, and Paul a few days ago.

It was an honor to meet the group’s equally flawless CEO, Rubby Sy, who operates on the basis of placing beauty at everyone’s fingertips, which she achieves through sound and advanced medical research. This research forms the foundation of all the products and services that Flawless offers...Always with the Filipino in mind. 

Longer Eyelashes?

Mineral foundation and concealer...not only to avoid skin irritations, but also to heal.

Can't wait to go to a Flawless branch! We even witnessed their professional training:
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Coke Zero x Toni Gonzaga

Coke Zero has recently released a promotional video featuring Toni Gonzaga, as she embodies how Coke Zero can let you have it all with its great taste, but having zero sugar! 

Built to Last: Academy of Rock Launch

Like a spur of the moment thing, Paul brought me and Pax and Tracy to a music event in Rockwell tent few nights ago. Everything went by fast that I wasn't even able to bring a camera, and just relied on my phone. Anyway, best to enjoy concerts where Yeng Constantino and Sandwich played without minding if I have good pictures na!

Want to get quality lessons for electric guitar, bass, pop/rock vocals, or drums? Be part of the academy! Academy of Rock is located in Power Plant Mall. Follow for more info and updates.

Fete Rouge: MEG Celebrates 14th Anniversary

MEG celebrates its 14th anniversary with a smashing party for all the bold young women of today. Clad in different shades of red, all the who’s who of the young and hip crowd went only to one destination last June 21 – 7th High.

Host of the night, and of the upcoming “I AM MEG: Own The World In Style” reality show, Patty Laurel welcomed guests and introduced MEG’s Editor-at-Large Bianca Gonzalez.

The event was graced by June covergirl Marian Rivera whose quirky personality was revealed in the cover shoot behind-the-scenes footage shown onscreen. The audience was also delighted to find out that Marian was actually a finalist in the MEG FACE Search early in her career – she still had braces on!

The 12 finalists of “I AM MEG: Own The World In Style” were finally introduced to everyone. Get to know them on Like MEG on Facebook at < and follow MEG on twitter at <

COMING SOON: Moonleaf The Bookworm Brigade

Moonleaf Maginhawa's Jonver David will hold a bookswap + donations event on June 30 from 11am to 4pm in Moonleaf Maginhawa.

It's just simple, just bring books - for sharing, trading, or selling. Then let's have some tea!
  • Bookswap - swap your books with fellow bookworms and get to know them too! Mechanics to be posted soon :)
  • Booktrade - You can sell your books, too, but with a ceiling price of PhP100 ONLY per book.
  • Bookdrive - bring educational books that we can donate after! Let's help the cause of education. They'll be partnering with Global Shapers by Anna Oposa with the book donations.
  • Books free-for-all - bring books you want to give away, and you may as well pick something from this nook :)
Get more updates on this happening by joining their events page.

Big Shoe Sale!
VNC and The Flat Shop have just started their Mid Year Sale! Discount's up to 70% off!

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