My Dinner Date with Toms

Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Grabe after SIX DAYS OF DARKNESS, let there be light lang ang peg here in the Gonzales household! Brownout for ALMOST a week, hindi dahil sa bagyo, kundi NABANGGA ng truck ng basurero ang KAISAISANG meralco post thingie--and ang KAISAISANG meralco thingie na yun ay ANG SAMIN. HAHAHA! So imagine all the other houses sa street namin papakasaya sa aircon and internet, while the Crazy Gonzales relied on Dad's guitar para may entertainment, hahaha! Anyway, it was a great break, minsan ang sarap din pala mag disconnect---I needed that I guess! :)

Anyhooo... First of all, the day of my date with TOMS, I first headed to RAFFLES DESIGN INSTITUTE for Bloggers United errands. Saw their photo wall with blog and media features...Kiligness lang:

Went down after the meeting to meet Paxieness and saw Gela Abores!!! :) She studies in Raffles, and papasok palang! :) Lovet, love this girl, ganda!

After running around Fort with Pax (naka cab naman, hehe)... We went to the new strip in High Street for the TOMS dinner:

 Of course I wore my new silver TOMS!

WHY-SL top from Singapore's own "bloggers United", skirt tahi ni Sarah Tirona, Anagon necklace, SM-Asprey Watch, and my new oversized bet na bet leopard bag from AVON FASHIONS! :) Lovet?

With my crazy friend, hahaha! Sabi ni Anazstacia Siantar sa kanya, "Are you a comedian?" Hahaha! Okay super layong segue na nun hahaha...ang dami ko pang kwento!! ;P

TOMS dinner was held in the NOLITA restaurant. 

Hello Sugar of the TOMS team! :)

Over super great Nolita dinner, the TOMS family told us the great story behind their brand. We all know this by heart--A pair of shoes is equal to a promise that a child in need will receive his/her brand new shoes. <3 To someday join their shoe-distribution program....

With Ms.Christine Dychiao of! :-)

With Sugar, Angela of and Pax of! :)

Happy table! :) Yup si Papa V aka Victor Basa was with us! Kiligness! ;D Hahaha!

I'd love to post the new collection of TOMS...But I haven't edited the pictures yet so wait for it pls in another post! :)

Ended the night in Barcino--wine night with Niche, Paul and Pax! :) Nalimutan ko na anyareh that night, hahahaha! Moving on... Shoz!

Didn't go home empty handed. My date TOMS gave me a gift...With this really sweet note:
I love you TOMS! Sana tayo na forever! Hehehe...

Naalala ko during the "introduce your self" part of the dinner, Ms. Cher of TOMS told everyone that "She's Ana, a big fan and supporter of Toms!" I was beaming with pride, haha...I don't think any fashion brand will make me feel this good inside and out like this comfortable pair of shoes I can take anywhere---and at the same time, share this experience with people in need. One for One. Very inspiring! 

Ang masasabi ko lang: May hope pa ang humanity!

Going without shoes so that kids don't have to. Check out my One Day Without Shoes coverage here
TOMS is available in NOTHING BUT WATER stores.
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