G-Star RAW Store Opens in Manila

Saturday, July 28, 2012

raw adj. 1. fresh, uncooked, unripe,
2. crude, natural, unprocessed, untreated,
3. bare, basic, harsh, naked, plain
pure, realistic

The Brand Ambassadors: 
Manila’s most recognizable faces in the modeling, fashion, film, and music scene, G-Star Raw’s Philippine brand ambassadors include Sanya Smith, Pauline Prieto, Sid Maderazo, Mike Concepcion, and Gian Romano

Went to its store launch in Bonifacio High Street with Krissy Cruz and Sarah Tirona:

Krissy, Kira, Lauren, Sarah, Keigh, and Alex:

Guests flocked as they open the doors of this Amsterdam-based luxury street wear brand made by denim specialists:

The G-Star franchise stores are flagships that present the complete men’s, women’s and accessory collection in an environment that conveys the philosophy, design aesthetic and raw authenticity of the G-Star brand. Every element within the interior of the G-Star Store is designed and developed by the G-Star Interior design team using natural and raw materials. 

A preference for raw materials, deep passion for denim and architectural perspective on tailoring are one of the main characteristics of the brand. 

The men's section:

Raw, pure and functional, both the collection and the G-Star Stores perfectly reflect these values which also seem to be rubbing off on a vastly increasing base of denim addicts worldwide. 

Cool displays:

Parang Adjustment Bureau! 

Love their tops and jackets for the ladies:




Through this distinctive design, denim is showcased in its purest form. 

From its conception in 1989, G-Star has been known for its innovative and cutting edge style in the world of denim. Pushing the boundaries of the denim material, continuous experimentation and product development have led to a strong following worldwide.

Love the styling:

You can never go wrong with investing on basics:

Cool night, and great music care of G-Star Ambassador Sanya Smith:

The Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retail giant, is the exclusive distributor of G-Star Raw in the Philippines.

Visit G-Star Raw Store Manila
Unit 201 Upper Ground Floor C 1
Bonifacio High Street central
Taguig, Manila


  1. great store! I would love to drop by there! Now I have an idea where to shop. Thanks Ms. Ana!

  2. Denims!!! Ang ganda. ♥ Gotta check this out soon!

  3. I was Googling G-star Raw & stumbled on your website. I've been to Amsterdam but didn't bother checking out this brand. Now I'm curious bec of their latest image model Clemence Poesy. Btw, those are saddle shoes not brogues. Cheers, Sandrine R.

  4. finally,,,,g-star more rotterdam.

  5. when g star jeans first came out here in australia most of the jeans are made in italy but now they are mixed of everything some are made in china and some are from india and they are suppose to be a dutch brand.i got six of this jeans and i like the fitting better than true relegion and abercombie jeans.

  6. Hi Ana! Can i order online? I mean with the store in Taguig not outside Phils.Thanks.

  7. Hi Ana! Can i order online? I mean with the store in Taguig not outside Phils.Thanks.


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