Patti Grandidge for ForMe!

Monday, July 30, 2012

This is me, braving Metro Manila's delubyo last Saturday:

Went to ForMe's event in Trinoma to check out their latest collection, and meet their latest endorser.

My  lovely company: Krissy Cruz and Mother Earth Rullan

The event started a bit late, I guess people were stuck in their cars no-thanks to EDSA's traffic due to the reallybad weather. It was ok though, pa-chill lang kami inside the dressing room while waiting, hehe.

For me, ForMe's "signature" is recognizing women's different sizes/shapes:

            Known for its effortlessly feminine silhouette, ForMe introduces Charme Français, its newest collection that consists of different looks to meet the active and vibrant lifestyle of contemporary women. The collection is inspired by the sophistication and playfulness of French ladies:

 They also have assorted accessories available, I love the necklaces:

I'll call this the chic station: Wallets, bags, and more accessories:

Alam nyo na anong styling ang susuotin ko mismo:

Soft cloth, stripes, and Peter Pan collar:

I love their color palette! The very feminine designs are complemented with neutral colors like nude, black and grey which highlight the slimming silhouettes.

The Charme Français collection is all about versatile and eye-catching styles that can be mixed and matched with other pieces:

Fragrance section. I love the smell of Sheer Love:

I just got a black blazer, but I love this ForMe version too, with the gold button details:

They also have Body Shapers. I wonder if they're effective! :)

Cute tassel necklace:

Mother Earth loves this belt! Pinagdiskitahan na, hehe: 

Ako naman I love this luwag-luwagan sheer dress! Cute:

Finally...Eating time! Beautiful set-up by Cafe France:

Krissy loves the fruit tarts, while I had countless of the bread with mashed eggs:

Yum!  a different take on maki, hehe:

I had two of these, haha. I love potato salad! :p

We were all handed a bottle of wine cooler while eating inside our favorite corner aka the dressing room (hihi). Krissy doesn't drink daw unless mojito, so I also chugged her bottle. Salap! Had a few minutes of dizzy crazy-crazyhan but at least Ate Jen Maslang (aka Shop Girl Jen) and Krissy had a good laugh. ;p

Finally, program started with DJ Tracy as host:

I love her energy! She gets the ball rolling, even with the gloomy weather and intimate affair, everyone got so excited!

Then they introduced ForMe's newest brand ambassador: top model, TV host and entrepreneur Patti Grandidge!

“We are very pleased to have Patti Grandidge as our new endorser because she represents the modern, independent woman. She can balance work and fun and stay fashionably poised through it all. Her sophisticated personality makes her the ideal woman to represent ForMe and our new collection,” said VP for Brand Management Alice Liu.

Here's what the Etcetera host said about being ForMe's latest endorser: “I am very excited for ForMe’s new Charme Français collection. As a known brand that accentuates femininity, I feel so honored that the Golden ABC team has trusted me to represent their female apparel line in the country. By becoming a part of the brand I wish to help inspire and connect with women to put their best selves forward every day."

Then we had a little styling game! The bloggers went around the store to pick out and style their own "ForMe Look":

Galit-galitan muna, hehe!

Then we modeled one by one (dyahe for me, alamnyoyan! ;) #shytype)

The judges!

The Winners (Sasabihin ko na na I did not win, huhu! But that's okay! :))



..and first aka the champ! My friend Sarah Tirona, who was late and styled for less than 10 minutes! :D She even changed sa labas ng dressing room kasi occupied na lahat! Panalo, hahaha!

Congrats to the winners! :)

 Played around the store (while shopping!) with Sarah after the game!

They also took our solo pictures:

I love this black and white dress I wore, nakakapayat. Nuff said, haha!

It also looks expensive (aka lakas makayaman), but actually costs mga less than 2k lang! :)

Thank you ForMe! I had a grand time!

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  1. Love ForMe's clothes!! Very very classy and lakas makayaman but wearable pa rin. ♥ Bagay sayo yung black and white dress, sis! Pati the luwag-luwagang sheer dress worn by Patti!! Pretty niyo lahat :D

    1. Thank you sis! :) Bet ko talaga the black and white dress but I got something else na bonggels din! :)

    2. Nice one Ana! Galing naman ni Sarah! Patida, late pa yan ha. Iba talaga pag magaling sa fashion. :)))

    3. Hahaha sanay na sanay sha mag style e noh! ;p

  2. ang bongga ni sarah! and bat ang ganda mo? blooming!

    1. Syempre love mo ko kaya mo sinasabi yan hahaha! :D Sabi ko nun start of the game, buti wala si Aisa Ipac e stylist yun, hahaha! E biglang humabol si Ateng Sarah natin hahaha! ;D But fun padin! :)


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