Monday, July 02, 2012

I've been missing a lot of Status Magazine events this year, so I made sure to attend this Tea Time affair to support Dan and the rest of the Status team:

And also, finally I was able to visit the new Status HQ!

Where we had yummy (overflowing) Moonleaf Milk Tea:

Cookies and chips..

...Lounged around..

And checked out the latest Status Magazine issue, with Maroon 5 on the cover! (manonood kayo ng concert nila!?)

I lovet! Personalized bookmarks with the mag:

Statement sticker:

I love their HQ, sobrang hip lang:

The people I spent time with:

Krissy Cruz

Aisa Ipac

Miko Carreon

Maureen Manuel

Medyo di ko nakuha memo for the outfitey noh:

The Plaid Gang:

Ang CUUUTE nila: Krissy Cruz, Miko Carreon and Vergil Chua:

Me and my pang Tea Party look:

When we got back to the HQ, people were dancing and posing...gumagawa pala ng vid! ;)

Mau also made one, which you can view here.

Trip to Jerusalem na kaguley:

I love that Mother Thysz was sobrang poised padin kahit game time:


...Sabay swivel ng chair...

Bongga! Ganda padin kahit under pressure!!! :D

Game face on!!!

Ano kaya ang eksena dun, hehe:

Ang ganap jan Pax and Verge? Yiheee! Hehehe:

Ang natira: Miko and Krissy!!!

The challenge: Naglalakad yung last chair! Lol!

Hinihingal Krissy, but she won the game!!! :) Saw that Miko was such a gentleman. :) Love him na, hehe!

The two girls in front of me: Raleene and Rizza Cabrera! I love them, pinapanuod ko palagi Youtube vids nila but natatameme na ako pag kaharap na sila, boohoo. <3

Group pictures from Status Magazine:

My "high school year book dream" confesses that I want to become a magazine girl. As in EIC levels ang "ambition" ko back when I was still studying (kaya I took up journalism in college). Naalala ko lang now since usapang Status Magazine visit narin tayo. At this age masasabi ko na na no regrets for not being able to go after my specific dream. I've dedicated so much time and effort for my little shop, but that doesn't mean fail ako when it comes to my writing because now I have this public blog! Naniniwala na ako now na sometimes your dreams will materialize, not in the medium you've been contemplating on, but pwede din kahit in different forms. Minsan, so much better pa than you've ever imagined. :)

Thank you Status Magazine for this cool event! :) 
I will always look up to the people of glossy magazines..Idol!
Big respect and love to you print media people! 

Treated Krissy and Pax in Banana Leaf GB for dinner (GC lang naman, hehe) -

Happy Fiesta! Lol:

Now that niloolook back ko nalang that day, it was actually pretty awesome. :)

Have a GREAT week guys! :)

STATUS: Asia’s youth culture magazine, focusing on the future of fashion, music, art, and urban lifestyles–from Manila to Singapore, Seoul to Paris, LA to New York, and everywhere in between. 

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    (Your posts always make me aww pero pinaka-mahabang aww ko 'yan hehe)

    One of the most fun events ever, not only because I won haha, thanks Mikko! Pero basta, ang chill lang :) Love ko pa the dinner after! Thanks sis! Love you mwah! See you soon :)

    1. KRISSYYYYYY! KRIZY in short! Lol!!! Thank you so much for appreciating my posts, means the world to me, ayan oa nanaman ako hahaha! :D THANK YOU also for the status tambay and dinner kwentuhans! Love you forever! Gora na sa concerts this month ok!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Wow looks fun :) I felt that I was there in the event too. Thanks for the share :)

  3. Wow, looks fun! I felt that I were in the event too! Thanks for the share :)

  4. Wow, looks fun! I felt that I were on the event too! Thanks for the share!

  5. I think whenever I comment in your posts, panay puri sa mga lafang! Hahaha until now, nakakagutom pa rin your food photos! :)) Katuwa naman this Status Par-tea! Na-feel ko from here yung pagkachill ng ganap :) Congratulations to Krissy sa pagkapanalo sa game! So cuuute!! ♥ And wherever you are now, I mean sa mga ganap mo sa buhay, I'm sure masaya ka naman and mahal mo yung ginagawa mo so bet na rin kahit di EIC levels. Daming nagmamahal sa Anagon Collection eh ♥

    Arnie Villanueva

    1. THANK YOU ARNIE! :) Thanks for supporting my Anagon Collection, and for your kind words! :) Sobrang worth it lahat, all God's plans and trust ako sa Kaniya ng sobra :)

  6. I love your dress Ms Ana! Ang pretty :)


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