Christmas Vibes

Friday, October 26, 2012

I can't help it!

Countdowns had already started in some TV shows I was able to catch yesterday after deciding that day is a stay-in day, plus this gabagyo weather (the closest we have for a cooler Manila) makes me feel that Christmas is near na. 

Final outfit post from Tagaytay trip weeks ago. Chill vibes dahil ang aga ng calltime, haha, wearing:
Maroon Blazer with Fringe Details - BAYO
White Shirt - Perfect White Shirt
Flared Jeans - HerBench
Nude Wedges - SM Parisian
Paisley Sling Bag - Vintage
Accessories - Anagon
Thank you Aisa Ipac for taking my photos!

I remembered from the other night's Yellow Cab dinner post-PFW show with some friends, I saw the pizza place's Christmas themed table cardboard display. I kept bugging and telling Sarah "Uy Saraaaah Pasko naaaa.." every time I see it (and their posters). Not much for feeling the excitement for "the most wonderful time of the year", but more of (and letting my walls down again by telling you this) feeling that melancholic bottomless pit I try to avoid whenever this supposed happy holiday comes nearer. Parang birthday blues lang! ;p

Our topic then diverted from holiday plans to our favorite Christmas songs. Sarah started with the intro-palang-heartbreaking-na "Chestnuuuts roastiiing on an open fiiiiire", and I followed with "Frosted window paaaaanes..." Hay naku, aren't these Christmas melodies the emo-est songs ever composed for the lonely-hearted fools!? Haha. (Listen to my favorite Christmas Waltz rendition here.)

Oh well, I've got months pa naman to count, loads of time pa to change this old mindset and realize that December isn't just a sign of another year about to end (that's how I always see it, kaya ako naaanxious e haha), but that time of the year where everyone's happy and love is amplified.

And... in that sorta kinda lika superficial sense, it's also that time of the year when we can finally bring out our favorite coats and cover-ups (like this retro-ish blazer from Bayo!), and layer ng wagas.. Somehow, the thought puts a smile on my face. Haha, that, and the excuse to consume extra cups of expensive hot coffee to cozy up during this cold season. May libre pang planner for the new year, haha. Sigh.

Going to Tagaytay again later with the fam! Akala ko di matutuloy, with this crazy weather! Haha! Nakakaloka talaga spontaneous plans ng Crazy Gonzales, natatawa nalang ako! ;p Ate will treat us breakfast daw in Antonio's, then back to Manila nadin. So see you when I see you! =)


  1. I love your outfit Ana! :) Perfect pose yung last pic! heehee

  2. Bet ang blazer!! Loveeeeet!!! :)) mishooo!


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