Graduation Hair

Monday, October 08, 2012

Haha! I was kind of afraidy nung binoblowdry na yung hair ko after a really good Vegetarian Miracle Hair Treatment from Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon a few days ago. It might turn out too-formal for my style, and loko ko nga kay Tracy (my date that day! :))... Para akong nanay ko nung 80s! Haha! But okay pala yung turnout of the hair (I think!)

Denim polo with black leather shoulder deets - Forever 21
Tank top with black splats - Oxygen
Black Shorts - Human
Leopard Sling Bag - Rubi by Cotton On
Black Booties - H&M
Accessories - Anagon
Photos by Tracy Ayson, thank you!!!

Moremore volume daw sabi ng hair ko, haha:

For someone na sanay sa straight limp hair...
Sana Grad Pic Hair nalang all-day everyday, hehe! Lakas maka soshal! ;p

Some photos from that day:

Hair before the treatment

My dry colored and permed hair deserves this! Haha.

Visit Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon in Greenfield District, Soho Central, Shaw Blvd. (near Shang)

After the salon-time, spent the rest of the afternoon with Tracy, and then Paul

Always good vibes when with Tracy! Lurkysh day na panay kain and kwentuhan!

Paul came mga dinner time, watch out for our collab! :) Support niyo kami a!

Had a chill night with them, panay tawa lang :)

Sorry tipid sa kwento today! Just got home yesterday from Tagaytay trip with my blogger friends, thanks to Primer Group and FITFLOP! :) Pagkauwi last night, direcho work again for some Anagon orders na shiship ko na today! Not complaining though, I love it when I'm always on my toes, naeexcite ako! So there, exciting lang ang mga going-ons the past weeks, and I am sure start palang to. Same goes for YOU, so keep that energy high lang! ;) Have a great week guys, mwah!


  1. GANDA ng hair!!! Super bet ko pa yung outfit! Forever fashion inspiration talaga kita Ms. Ana ♥

    1. Yehey thanks talaga Yanna for always making me happyyyy :)

  2. Hi Ana ang gnada ng new hairstyle mo, I really really like it ^_^. I sasave ko nga picture mo at makapunta sa parlor magpapaganyan din ako :)Ang mestiza mo lang dear :)

  3. Super ganda mo sis!!! :) How I wish ganyan ka-bongga rin hair ko everyday. Can't wait to try out Lourds!! ♥ More more kwentuhan soon, sis!

  4. forgot to comment on your hair when we met, sorry, super ngarag lang from the traffic. I sooo love the hair pati ang color! :) BTW, had a weird experience after natin magkita that night, kwento ko sa GAME 3! haha! Thanks ulit anagon!

  5. like the fourth photo! ;) the hair too. will always support you Ms. Ana. :)

  6. I LOVE YOUR HAIR, ANA!!! You look really great! Blooming, too! :)

  7. This is your best look thus far! :) I love your hair so much!!! <333

  8. GUYS!!! Thank you soooo much for liking this look! :) And thank you Anne for telling me youll support me all the way! :) Mwah!!! :)

  9. Your hair story posts ay senyales na ba na dapat ako mag pa makeover?hehehe. Ganda talaga i like it kasi fresh na fresh!

  10. BETchicola ko ang hairlaloo mo sis!
    Love it!

  11. Ganda nang hairrrr! Pakak na pakak! Betchikels ko talaga hair mo! Ang gaganda din nang shots ni Ms. Tracy! Great post! <3


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