Zac Efron Day: Penshoppe FanCon


I was there! Yey! We were given lower box tickets by PR Asia (thank you!)... And kahit I just saw the invitation night before the event, I dropped everything and gow nako! Hindi araw araw asa same place ka ni Zac Efron! ZAC EFRON!!!!

I've said this na before, but my favorite Zac Efron ay yung 17 Again Zac. Basketball player na nga, ang cool pa pag naka aviators + leather jacket. Kahit na white shirt lang si Papa Zac, nakupow mamamatay ata weak heart ko, lol!

Anyway! Went to super daming lugar that day, but ended it with Pax in MOA Arena. We both came from different events, kaya lurky sa kwentuhan/ catch up when we met up sa Coral Gate to get our tickets (presented valid ID, and bawal ang cameras so we left our bags kay Mich, hehe thank youuu!). Strict kung strict, so thankful talaga ako!

We were there before 7pm, or else masasarhan kami ng gates! More kwentos on that soon, sobrang worth it ang "Amazing Race" though, we got there on time and even bought foods as if sine ang papanuorin. Lol. HSM4? Hahaha.

Ang nakakatawang kwento, sobrang epic fail lang, pakahyper namin ni Pax non (alamnyoyan pag nagsama kami, hahaha), trying to catch up before mag start ang fancon. I bought a big box of sour cream popcorn na parang hindi nauubos kahit pinipilit ko na si Pax kumuha din. Sa sobrang chikahan with matching actions ata namin, hindi ko intentionally naispill yung box of popcorn ko sa kaharap ko! Nakakalokang nakakahiya! Pero ang catch is sobrang tinarayan ako nun girl kahit nag big time sorry naman ako! Sorry na! Parang sa movie lang yung eksena, hahaha! Nangalahati yung box bigla! /facepalm

Nagstart the show with We're All In This Together... starring the UP Pep Squad! Ang fun! 

Again, bawal ang cameras inside so gamit ko was my iTouch lang a! :p Anyway, super impressive ng stunts nila, parang hindi mga tao! No wonder they got the title again! 

After several more dancing and singing....

Yes guys, si Zac Efron na yan! Hahaha! Anyway, yung story nito is, he kept on going to the crowd para maki high five! Ang sswerte ng mga asa harapan! 

The show's highlight: An interview with THE Tito Boy Abunda! 


Kahit pagkamot ng ulo pinicturean ko na! Hahaha:

Papa Zac Efron said he wants to do more movies for us, paulit ulit niya yang sinasabi! Also, the Hollywood celeb said something like "It makes me happy being here with you guys." Sabi niya ang first Filipino girl friend niya si Vanessa, and ang next... "She may even be someone from up there!" pointing sa gen ad section! Ay kilig ang mga gels! Hehehe. Such a sweetheart. 

Job if you are not an actor? Airplane Pilot.
Favorite book? Lord of the Rings.
Favorite Actors? Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Di Caprio, Johnny Depp

Most important possession? Passport!
What do you do on a bad day? I try to do something crazy, like bungee jumping!
Greatest influence? Paul Newman
If you can be anywhere now, where would you go? I'll fly around this building!

Check out the crowd!!!

Smart or Pretty? Smart.
Black or White? Black.
Coffee or Tea? Coffee.
Sing or Dance? BOTH!

More random things:
Rain or Shine? Shine.
Comedy or Drama? Comedy.
Car or Bike? Car.
Burger or Fries? Burger.
Basketball or Soccer? Basketball.
Love or Career? Love!
Sweet or Spicy? Spicy.
Kiss or Hug? Kiss!

There's a part din where 2 hosts went around the patron area and asked random fans for their message kay Zac. Maraming nanghingi ng hug, and of course Zac invited them backstage after the show! Kainggeeet!!!

One last "rampa" and high fives from the lucky crowd! :)

Thank you PENSHOPPE and PR ASIA for this crazy experience! Hindi ko to ever akalain mangyayari sakin!
Bucket List: See a Hollywood celebrity in the flesh, BIG FAT CHECK!

Sana Tito Boy brought out his magic mirror in front of Zac, hehehehehehe.


  1. OMG sis!! nakita mo si Zac!! Kinikilig ako kahit di ko sya nakita. Thank you sa post na to! Kahapon lang nagmovie marathon ako ng movies nya tas ngayon ito hihi. HAHAHA! :">

  2. NAKAKAINGGIT!!! TT__TT huhuhu.

  3. @kathrine super kilig and unreal / surreal! Big thanks to penshoppe! What did you watched? :)

    @raeabigael super The Lucky One lang ang peg ko nyan, totally unexpected invi!


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