Bench Scents x Furne One x Raina Hein!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bench did it again! 

Sobrang nakakabilib that this local brand is bursting with new offers, 
collabs, not only when it comes to clothes, but also sa scents! A few nights ago, hindi lang
collaboration with Dubai's most prestigious designer Furne One, they also flew in the gorj
Raina Hein of America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 for the show!

Presenting the new BENCH x Furne One luxury scents:

An oxymoron of scents Beautiful Boy Eau de Toilette (P398/70ml, for men, grapefruit, neroli, bergamot, cardamon, peppery, rosewood, iris and musk) and Handsome Girl Eau de Toilette (P398/70ml, for women, floral and fruity cocktail blend of apple, melon, lemon, orange, frangipani, neroli, cedarwood, amber and musk)

Unholy Eau de Toilette - P468/100ml, elegant red glass flask packaging, a unisex scent with top note of mandarin, a middle aroma of rose, and musk as its base note.

By the entrance: these beautiful Furne One gowns, used by Hollywood celebs:

Bet this full spikes gown!

We had fancy dinner at Manila Pen's ballroom, where I tried out my new 50mm lens, kaya kamusta naman
sa closeup photos, hahaha:

Hi Kelly and Nika!

Pax and Bbf Paul!

An artista, hahaha!

Played around while waiting for the show to start, hehe, kape ko:

The centerpiece:

My tablemates:

Table number, hehehe:

Kesho droplet pinicturean, hahahaha:

Why so serious Kelly Medina? :) Hehehe:

Hi Jacob and Raiza!

With Kat this time:

Hi bbf na napakahilig sa nicknames, hehehe:

My lil sis Arnie and her kape:

Raiza ganda:

Cray Cray Gonzales, hehe:

Para kaming magkapatid or magpinsan noh? Hehehe:

And then finally, the show started! :)

The beautiful super model Ms. Marina Benipayo enchanted us throughout the show:

I love shows na sobrang A-for-Effort. Yun tipong nakakatindig balahibo! The Bench x Furne One
fashion show is one for the books, kahit sa Arnie biglang bumulong sakin "bat ako natatakot?"

And then, enter the "Queen", Raina Hein!

Grabe the details of the gown!

The Queen!

Panalo even the headdresses and the masks!

The super model and the designer extraordinaire! :)

I love that Bench gave us the chance to interact with Raina Hein! Photo op nato!

Paul took this group photo, at bilang panic si koya, hindi mag work ang camera so I handed mine.
I looked up (up talaga, kasi ang tangkad niya hahaha) and told Raina: "He likes youuu!",
teasing her na parang close kami, lol.
She looked at the panicking Paul and I heard her whisper: "It's okaay." Aww, super cute lang! :)

Thank you Kat Valdes for this shot na hindi 50mm lens, hahaha! :) I love Raina Hein, she's glowing!

Congrats again BENCH team for this successful event and collaboration! 
To more!


  1. Aliw!!! Ang ganda ganda naman ng photos! :) Kay Lee Min Ho naman natin next i-bongga! ♥ Haha onga sis pwede tayong magkapatid/pinsan ah! Keri keri!! Alabyuuu :) :)

  2. I envy you! Reina Hein is soooo beautiful!!!


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