SuperSale Outfit + Some Random Kwentos

Monday, December 10, 2012

Had a great Sunday (except for Manny Pacquiao's knockout) --chill na chill lang, plus I was able to
catch-up with my mom while my dad went to his high school reunion, and while my sisters both went to
different friends' weddings(!!!). Weddings! Anyway, wore same comfy-lang shirt kanina
(from Nick Automatic! Woop!), but this outfitey pictures were taken during SuperSale Bazaar pa...

Black Shirt - Nick Automatic
Braided Hippie Band and Skulls Bracelets - Crave More
Smile Necklace - Crave More x Gerd Perez
Denim Shorts - Forever 21
White Sneakers - Shulong
Bag - HK Market
Watch - Timex & Asprey Strap
Photos by Kelly Medina

And because servant si mom in every Sunday's The Feast sessions, I attended the Worship alone. I lovelove
listening to the talks ng mag-isa. Personally, mas in-tune ako with myself, and mas nakakareflect. For this
Sunday's talk, I (re)learned about waiting...Na we trust God fully not only by knowing He has the best plans
for us...But also the perfect timing for these plans.

We also sang one of my favorite worship songs earlier, from the Desperation Band:
Joy unspeakable that won't go away
And just enough strength to live for today
So I never have to worry what tomorrow will bring
'Cause my faith is on solid rock
I am counting on God

Listen to this song here, lakas maka-GV. :)

Some photos during the SuperSale Bazaar experience:

Dahil walang time to make more products for this selling stint, I decided to make this big "MENU BOARD"
with the customizable accessories people can order and get within the day! Bongga noh, hehe.

Bidang bida ang mga blogger friends noh? Hehehe.

Some pre-made accessories:

Sarah went 2 days in a row for this 5-day bazaar! HIMALA! Hahaha! Thank youuu!

Wearing Anagon Pearls Cat's Ears Headband while taking booth / great finds pictures:

Love you Sarah! :)

Ang saya pa kasi palagi pa shang may baong treats for me and Jenny!

Arnie also visited me 2x! :) Enjoy talaga ako talking with my blog lil sis!

She also accompanied me nung "shopping time" na nung last day of the bazaar.

Thanks for the fun company, girls! :)

My favorite bazaaristas and online entreps were also there!
Hi Tati Buendia of Bubbles and Christine Liwag of Crave More:

Bongga the new Crave More x Gerd Perez collab! Favorite ko siguro yung parang shutter! :)

Tambay from time to time in front of Crave More's booth!

Vergil went nung last day. He wore this Anagon necklace! :) Yey!

Fellow blogger sellers during this SuperSale: Nicole Santos, Melai Entuna, and Angela Nepomuceno:

I super love this girl! Madalas we update each other through BBM kahit we were asa same venue lang, haha!

Also saw my high school barkada and close friend Alli! :)

I was also visited by Jennie, who told me she came from Laguna pa! She also showed me an accessory she
bought from Anagon THREE YEARS AGO! 

My usual food during the SuperSale duration: iced coffee, Mongolian bowl, and ice cream!!!

Weird flavors ftw! May beer flavored ice cream sila, and Bailey's! But I love the Ferrero lang:

Escaped one afternoon from the bazaar to attend a meeting with my blog friends Pax and Paul in Makati:

Everyone!!! Meet my boy best friend Paul the PR Guy, and my boyfriend Jic! Hahaha ;p
Siguro more on the meeting next time na lang! Secret pa ata, but in short, manager-mode ako for Jic niyan
hahaha! Thank you Bff for this bonggang eksaheradang break from all the bazaar madness!!! Lol.

Yey! With my "happy" crush! Hehe! :)

At sinong naiiwan sa booth every time I have to eat, go on a break, or meet my crush (hahaha)...

With Jenny, hindi ako takot with money matters, plus she took care of me for 5 days. She also dealt with
the buyers bilang busy ako sa pag wa-wire. Marunong narin sha sa basic accessories making
(kabit ng locks and chains), and even took care of packing and spell-check (mesa-dyslexic kasi ako,
swear, nabasa ko na nababaliktad ko padin letters minsan :p). Very productive lang the whole bazaar
dahil we made not only orders ng buyers that time, but also online orders! In short, si Jenny na talaga ang
lifesaver ko, haha!

I wouldn't say I can't live without an assistant,
but grabe talaga ang laki ng comfort and ginaan ng work because of Jenny!

To everyone who supported Anagon Collection and to the SuperSale team, 
thank you thank you thank you! Till the next fun bazaar stint! (BU4 NA!!!!)

PS: Special thanks to Mikyle Quizon for my new header! :) Cool noh! :D


  1. Ate Jenny talaga FTW!!! :D Haha thank you rin sis sa pag-adopt saken sa Super Sale visits ko. Weee!! Ang kulit parang parehas tayo palagi ng iba-blog. Papublish ko pa lang yung Super Sale post ko when I saw this :-S Sisters nga talaga!!

  2. really nice items sis,
    i love your outfit as well.



  3. Looking up for BU4! Love, love love! ;)

  4. nice header and cute pics with ur crush!!
    excited for BU4!! :D

  5. cool to know that you're also a Christian :)


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