Pink Parlour A.Venue Makati--Now Open!

Monday, January 14, 2013

In between my pseudo-workout (pseudo!)--I checked my phone and saw a new notification, 
from Pink Parlour Philippines, and I was tagged in this pic:

I commented with "Ohshit uploaded!". Hahaha! Matapos ko pagtawanan my Boyzilian friend, hehehe. 
Anyway, it wasn't my first, actually. But I guess that's a good thing because I can compare the services 
and even the diff wax types used for each salon I've been to.

Infer, magaling si Ate Salie or Rosalie of Pink Parlour A.Venue! I realized (or feel ko lang) 
the thing about Brazilian and why not everyone is daring to do it is hindi yung if 
malakas pain tolerance mo, kundi if malakas loob mo to have another person ummm
see and tinker (tinker! hahaha) your sensitive parts. Second nalang yung lakas ng loob for waxing
...Na sa akin walang problema, hahaha. Sabi ko nga kay Pax, ang technique ko is mag isip lang 
ng mas masasakit na karanasan before. Trololol.

Speaking of Pax! I went with her to check out Pink Parlour's newest branch in A. Venue Makati.
I was pressuring her to try the Brazilian narin, since Pink Parlour is a leading hair removal salon 
naman, but all I got was this face: (hehehe!) 

Begging off? Hahaha! Joke lang, she was asking kung gaano katagal ang Brazilian dahil
may appointment pa siya that afternoon. The Pink Parlour receptionists told us it will 
take around 30 to 40 minutes. Next time nalang daw si Pax, hehehe.

Got the next pictures from Pink Parlour Philippines FB page. 

Cute lobby / waiting area:
They also stored my heels sa ilalim ng couch area, and provided rubber slippers
and brought me to their convenient own wash area--feminine wash and clean towels were also provided.

Each "cubicle" looks like this:
Comfy bed and pagkacute ng prints / design with the zebra cover, and kitty stuffed toy (pang
yakap din daw yan habang winawax, haha!). Isa pang napansin ko ay yung sounds sa room, na
habang waxing ko biglang naging solemn at sabay "Aaaaaveeee Mariiiiaaaa!" Tawang tawa
talaga ako! Sabi ko kay Ate Sallie "Ayos tayo sa music a! Parang katapusan ko na!"
Ate Sallie humored me with: "Ngayon ko lang napansin yan a, parang ceremonya lang!" Lolz.

Aside from waxing, Pink Parlour also offers manicure and pedicure:

Overall, I'll recommend Pink Parlour for their great service. Lahat accommodating, and
the room and facilities are superb. I also commend the waxing technicians especially Ate Sallie,
who will make you feel at ease even with the sensitive service. And of course, I love that the 
who process is clean and hygienic. Recommended ko talaga hot wax, and no double dipping--
--Both applied by Pink Parlour!

Visit Pink Parlour's second branch in A.Venue Makati! For the northerners,
they also have a branch in SM North Edsa. Have a hair-free summer! ;)

Get updates on Pink Parlour's services and promos!
I heard may buy-one-take one sila ngayon for some services...


  1. Ang lakas ng tawa ko sa "tinker" hahahahahaha!!! Baliw ka talaga Anagon!! :))) I miss you!! Naalala ko tuloy yun first time natin together hahahaha!!!

  2. Shizz baka pag pina-tugtog yung Aveeeee Mariaaaa while nasa ganyan ako baka mag-freakout ako ng bonggels :( HAHAHA Kaaliw tong post mo sis! Makapag-Pink Parlour na asap!

  3. Apir! We're survivors :) had brazilian din twice pero sa ibang waxing salon, ma try nga sa Pink Palour. Na miss ko mag basa ng post mo Ana.


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