One Step Closer

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Been hearing the same song again and again since yesterday, and can't help but use it as the title
for this kwento. A few days ago, I've been tweeting about witnessing something beautiful.
I also mentioned this in my recent outfitey post Plain and Simple.

It was the wedding of my not-so-little sister in the blogging world, Ave Te.
Artsy Fartsy nga naman, she had the cute felt bouquet made by our dear friend
Beam Mariano of ArtWine, na nameet namin both during one of our bazaarista stints
before, in St. Scho and then in La Salle. Nakakamiss naman those days!

And because I love her, kahit night before nalang the event, I made the white wired headpiece.
Ang cute nila ni Gersh in their terno turquoise outfitey, noh?

It was my first time to attend a civil wedding, Ava and Gersh had theirs in Pasay City Hall. 
I was invited as one of the witnesses, and when I got there, I felt so privileged. 
Ang intimate ng ceremony, with only the bride and groom's closest family members and friends. 

My favorite moments in a wedding, the exchange of vows and the ring part:

Judge, giving Ava and Gersh some pieces of advice and pangarals, hehe:

Ava's lola, lolo, tita, and baby Asher!

Ang cute ni Athan! :D Ang happy lang niya :)

They also asked everyone for their messages to the newly weds. One of the touching moments was
tita's turn to speak (Ava's mom)...She went to Gersh and Ava, and told the man of her daughter,
"Aalagaan mo si Ava a."...

...And then she stooped down to kiss her only girl, awww.

We all signed papers, and in less than 30 minutes, the ceremony was done already!

Blog friends reprezent! :) Hehe! Pax and I with the lovely bride Ava:

Taken from my personal diary:
Today is November 11, 2013. My dear friend just got married, and it wasn't totally cheesy,
but it's REAL. I think it's because the marriage is something long-overdue, and we were all just
unconsciously waiting for it, and then now it's done, we felt that somehow a part of the whole cosmos
is finally complete. And every one of us felt contented and satisfied.

Read more kwentos about the wedding in Ava's own blog post.

Congrats my baby girl! Hehe. 

I still remember having Ava like a little sister to me, bringing her to ganaps
and bazaars so she can experience that kind of life even when she's just a student. She even sold
some accessories and knick-knacks in my stall before, nakakamiss! I am just happy to 
see where you are now, happy and married!!! I am praying for you in this new phase again in 
your life, and andito padin kami, ako, for you, no matter what!

Ako nakasalo (kanwari) ng bouquet! Nyahahaha, para ako na next heheheheheh.

But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow
One step closer.


  1. Sabi na eh! Sa A Thousand Years yung line! :) Congratulations Ava! :D

  2. waaah!!!! i'm so touched, beb! infair ang ganda ko lang sa photos mo! hahahahaa!:)) pwede pahiram ng camera mo??:D char! Love you, beb! you made my wedding day a memorable one! super happy na you were there and biro mo, gumanda hair style ko cos of yoU!! heeee!:D love you!! always your lil sister and hoping more bonding soon!!

  3. Grabe kilig nito!!! :"> May soft spot talaga tayo sa mga ganitong ganaps. So happy for Ava and Gersh. Finally ♥ Hay tayo kaya kelan?? CHAR!!! HAHAHAHA We'll get to that soon. Love you sis!!


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