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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Merry Christmas guys! :D
Lol, yung totoo! Parang pa-Pasko palang! Like bukas Noche Buena uli! Hahaha.

The past days had been eventful, a mix of things from different fields na maisip ko in my life...

After Ava's wedding and a visit at the Pink Parlour A.Venue last FRIDAY, had one million
dinners with my blog friends Tracy, Pax, Niche and Mich around Greenbelt area.
Photo from one of our first lafangs that day--in Cibo, where I learned that some of my friends
were fasting / were on a diet for Cebu. Habang ako go go go padin sa chocolates and carbs, haha.

SATURDAY, went out again for my long-overdue dentist appointment in Ortigas. 
I had no plans after the short one-hour operashon (haha), and so I tweeted Kelly
na ang tagal ko nang di nakikita since his Roma trip. Haha! After more tweets and texts,
had another biglaang dinner/ tambay with Kelly, Arnie, and Niche, in Trinoma naman:

Kelly gave us this giant Lindt bear pasalubong! Sarap, pero ubos 
kaagad ng pamilya hahahaha! ;)

SUNDAY was spent with the family in Alabang. I also had an event in Alabang Town Center's
Trilogy, so I checked it out with my sisters after mass/worship in Festi:

Tribute to the one and only DA KING! 

That day, the team launched FPJ Da King Limited Edition Collection...

With an art exhibit (my sisters, papaka-Barney Stinson in an exhibit, hehehe) - 

Free food and booze (while showing classic Fernando Poe Jr. films!)

The FPJ Collection is a Team Manila collaboration with Ron Poe of P&P Tattoo. 
Guests who arrived in their best FPJ costume won GCs from P&P Tattoo and Team Manila!

Pwede na ba tong costume ko? Hehehehe.

DIY section where guests created FPJ-themed artworks. 
Sayang if I had time gusto ko din sana umart-attack! ;p

Team Manila! :) Thank you for the invite! :)

Went home with these angas stickers, and DaKing shirt and tote!

FPJ Da King Limited Edition Merchandise now available at Team Manila stores in MM!
Check out Team Manila on Facebook for more info and updates!

Went out again last MONDAY to meet these Paulinians in Greenbelt for their magazine show.

They interviewed me about Anagon Collection for a short segment in their school requirement.
I love being around young people, lalo na mga students. I had fun talking with them about
school projects, OJTs, etcetera. Nakakamiss yung panahon na yan--ang dami mong
ginagawa pero may oras parin para sa org and extra-curricular activities, rakets,
and shempre school night "gimmick" with blockmates and friends, hahaha!

Sayang walang taga picture, so CR-mirror-shot nalang. Went military-dainty (imbento haha!)
that day, with navy blue dress, black tights and flats, and accessorized with army green cover,
dogtag, and silver stars belt.

TUESDAY was spent making and shipping paid online orders:

Saving and screencaps-ing bloggers' Anagon posts:

And! AND!!! Umaattempt na ako mag diet for Cebu, with the gulays na grinocery ko last Monday.
Umasang papayat ng two days? Hahaha.

Wala pang 24 hours, nabreak ko rin diet ko--kanin kaya ko tiisin. Pero chocolates? :p

TODAY I just received a package filled with these Korean goodies:
The super thoughtful loot was sent by an online suki from circa 2008 or 9. As in
she regularly buys from me before kaya I remember her name, though haven't met her pa.
She texted me few weeks ago na she came home from studying in Korea, and may
something sha for me. I am still overwhelmed with the relationships you can build
through online transactions--mapa as a seller man yan or as a blogger. Thank you Abi!!!

Anyway! Leaving for Cebu na tomorrow with my blog friends! Super excited!!! First time
to go there, and sa Sinulog--PLUS first time to celebrate my BIRTHDAY away from home!
Masaya to!

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