Plain and Simple

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello world! Hehehe. 
Finally after what felt like one million days, 
nakalabas narin ng house! ;p

I asked Pax to take my outfitey pictures earlier in the afternoon when I reached Greenbelt, after
attending Ava's civil wedding and going to the new A.Venue Pink Parlour branch (separate kwentos
nalang for the two next time!:)). Then I got a call, and I look like this pala when I take a call (hahaha) -

And this: (Bossy lang? Hahahaha.)

And this:

Then I caught the camera na, so smile nalang, hahaha:

 Actual picturean time, and I can't smile without looking naka ngiwi. 
So I decided to not look at the camera nalang. Mashado namang serious! Hahaha:

Cream Dress - Mango
Nude Heels with Transparent Details - Parisian
Accessories - Random Brands
LOVE Bracelet - The Bead Shop, gift ni Pax! :)

I love my basic cream dress! Ang daling i-dress up or down, depending on the occasion,
plus sakto lang ang fit (luwag-luwagan pa kamo!)...di bawal kumain! (hehehe)
First time ko to attend a civil wedding, and good thing nalang unconventional bride si Ava
and she wore a pretty aqua dress (view her post here)...kundi lakas maka bride ng pag
white ko, hahaha! Kahiya!

Pati pagtetext ko captured, Pax? Hahaha! Thanks for taking my photos! 

Duo outfitey pics naman! ;) Ganda din ng dress ni Pax noh, veryvery donya!
Hindi nanaman natural ang ngiti ko today, parang ngiwi talaga hahaha.

Ayun finally natural na ang smile! Dahil siguro sincere... Sincere tawa habang inaasar si Pax! Hehehehe.
photos by carlo

Anyhooo... Met lots of friends kanina bigla-bigla (I must say tiba-tiba ako after days of hibernation! Hehe!). Had this random rainy-day conversation with some of them in a coffee shop about "fighting for someone you love" (Umuulan guys, don't judge us! Hahaha), and I blurted the lines "Naalala ko lang yung 'I want you to fight for me!'". Realizing that I might have left my friends clueless (though laughing), I followed with "Brooke Davis!" (such a Tree Hill baby!). Anyway, although spilling the line as a joke earlier, I realize now that I'm alone in my room (mabuhay ang mga emo! lol) ... Finding the person for me is not about fighting for him. And I am not saying this is the right thing, but right now in this point in my life I want somebody who will fight for me (hindi basag-ulo sense ha, hahaha). I mean, it may lead to a hard-knock life of waiting, but I still pray for that someone who'll go out of his way to make me feel that he deserves me. Plain and Simple.

It's a big change for someone who, seemingly not so long ago, feels like she needs to be deserving to someone.


  1. Definitely one of my favorites!!! ♥ Gondo gondo mo sis!! Namimiss ko na kayo huhu! Anyway, ayan tayo sa #emohits eh. Hahaha damang-dama natin yan! :)) He'll come for you very soon, sis. Let's just wait and pray :-*

    1. Hehehehe my emo-hits lil sis! :) I miss you too, kanina with Pax I told her namiss na kita! ;) Thanks and pray for me din ha, hehe :) Mwah!

  2. Go Ana! Deserve na deserve mo talaga someone who will fight for you ;) And kulit niyo ni Pax hehe.

    xx Megann of Style Surgery

    1. Hahahahaha pag kami nagsama, literal na walaaaang tulugan! :p lolz! Thank you Megann, lakas maka lakas ng loob lalo, hehehe :) <3

  3. ana i like the dress!! uy bonding naman :D hehe ang tangkad mo!! :D

    1. Yes looking forward to our bonding! lalo pa ta ako tumatangkad lately Rovs, hehehehe

  4. ikaw na kasi ang next bride kaya tamang tama ang lakas maka bride na cream dress! haha :)) love you, beb!! super salamat today!

    1. Hahahaha :D Kalurkey na ako na next! ;D Salamat din beb for letting us witness this beautiful moment in your life, love you!

  5. I love the outfit and the kwentos! :) Speechless na lang ako sa bottomline mo kasi damang dama ko lang :D

    1. Thank you Dys! :D Hahahahaha naku basta isabuhay natin yan! ;) Mwah!

  6. I like this outfit post, very bagay sa'yo Ana! :)

    P.S. Wear a belt next time para sexy lang! Loving the curves ang peg! :))


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