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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hello from your hermit! Hahaha. Haha.

I am very much getting used to this life. Alarm will go off at around 10am (or 8, on the day I had to
rush the bulk Kulasa Keychain orders). Will pick up my phone, check and reply to any texts
or online account messages. Then, I will go down to my "work room", get busy on paid orders,
schedule a Xend pick up for the day, all these while watching local shows such as my current
favorite involving the quirky life of a yaya. Hehehe. Saka ko lang maaalalang maligo, hahaha. #TMI

Anyway, ahem!

So today I was able to create and upload new weird wired things for my shop:

Mouse Ears Headband, for a change. (Though I got a comment on FB and akala niya GIRAFFE ears
to, hahaha. Pwede na din! ;p)

Braided Golden Halo


Arwen Headpiece


Liberty Headpiece

Now on to the arm blings:

My standard wire word bracelets just got a makeover...With chains and beads!

Something different: Anagon's Wired Body Harness! :)

What do you think? ;)

Some other kwentos....

I am not sure if I'll be labeling 2013 as Year of Travel, but it's definitely turning into one!
After booking (and just anticipating for) Sinulog by end of the month, meron na kaagad na
naka book by early February! I am going back to SAGADA!!!!

My circa 2010 Sagada trip had been sooo memorable, I can't wait to actually go back...and with
my blog friends naman this time! And the last time I was there, it was for a retreat, so I am sure
I won't regret going back! :) Do read on my past Sagada blog post here. Soul-searching ang peg, dudes!

And lastly, after online orders, and checking my favorite blogs (and commenting pa kamo!)...
My usual last activity for the day is reading. Nakakarelax, nakakaantok. Hehe.
My current reads:
The Born to be a Hero is a copy that I got pa during the book launch last year pa.
An interesting and helpful read. Inaabsorb ko talaga sha.

Tapos na akong basahin Ramon Bautista's Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo, na seriously, the
best self-help book EVER. Hahaha. Laugh trip pa kada picture, yun tipong mapapamura ka sa tawa!
For the win din yung kasamang libreng notebook! ;p Potek laughtrip!
Pero sandwiched between the kalokohans is Ramon Bautista teaching us the importance of self-worth.
Akalain mo! :)


  1. hello te! excited nako sa trip natin! same saya pero less prayer nga lang. more faith naman! haha. cannot wait! - pax (tamad maglogin sa blogspot)

    1. HAHAHA! Takot pa naman ako sa Anon, lamoyan! ;D Nyahaha! Thank you Tey, I SUPER CANT WAIT NADIN!!!!!

  2. Waaaahhh gusto ko yung "travel" bracelet!

    Sama kami sa Sagada! :P

  3. Ang gandaaa ng new designs mo sis!!! ♥ Bongga lalo nung harness, avail ko na yan! Congrats sis! :-* Yo-YOLO na rin ako nitong 2013 and try to travel more after graduation :D Gooo!

    1. Hehehe thank you sis, and yes TRAVEL na yan! :)

  4. ana bet ko ang antlers at ang harness!! :D miss ko na kayo nila paxie and arnie! hope makita ko kayo soon :D


    The Bargain Doll :)

  5. Ang galing mo dear.

    XX, Jenniya

  6. I love the arwen headpiece and the wired body harness. Galing!


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