Making a maxi dress work through the winter

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Everyone has at least a few fun favourites from their summer wardrobe that they just can’t stand to put away for the winter, and you shouldn’t let the season completely stop you from wearing what you want.

In the summer of 2012, one of the hottest trends was the maxi dress. With its ability to leave the wearer feeling comfortable while looking glamorous, it’s no surprise that so many are finding it difficult to stop wearing them through December. Here are a few tips for changing your summer staple outfit into a winter-ready look.

Check out how I worked my summer pieces,
like the maxi skirt, on a cold trip to Baguio last year.

Focus on your feet
As soon as the wind picks up and the temperature drops, the first place you’ll feel it is in pyour feet. The maxi dress’s easy style lends itself to seasonal flats and ballet shoes. Or for a true winter look, combine dark tights with black Ugg boots. As a creative alternative, models and celebrities across Europe and the States are sporting a biker-chic style by pairing studded looks with the most feminine of the floaty maxis.

Add some layers
The best way to hide a maxi’s undoubtedly thin nature is to add a scarf or long cardigan to break up the look and add some texture to the light fabrics. Choose one or two items in a dark wine or chocolate colour to keep in fitting with the season’s more subdued colours.

Cover up
Before you set out for the town, be sure to add a padded outer coat to the full ensemble. Right now, the biggest hit with maxi-dresses goes hand-in-hand with the footwear – biker-chic is in. Think rich, leather jackets in asymmetrical cuts or with studded highlights. The hardness of the look works perfectly to contrast with the softness of a long dress. If leather has never been your thing, a jacket with faux-fur lining would have an equally good opposite effect, giving a bouncy, light feel to your winter style.

Balance out the unique look of the summer dress by adding in some on-trend hair accessories. A simple clasp in a metallic finish or, for the brave, a brightly coloured hair band will help draw attention upward, whilst this can be balanced by a collection of chic bangles to give a festive lilt while you hit the Christmas markets.

All in all, it’s about picking one theme. Either work against the maxi dress with dark colours and heavy outer layers to add contrast or go with the summer look and use faux fur linings and bright accessories. Both are destined to make you shine in the evenings!

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