Saturday, February 02, 2013

Naaayon lang sa Valen-times (hehehe), sharing to you The Little Things that make me kilig:

Kilig #1: Grand Expression of Love

Bilang very much old-fashioned parin ako when it comes to the love department, for me, nothing beats bonggang expression of love through a song. Pwede ding with dance. As in MOB levels, tatanggapin ko yun! Lol. Pero seriously, kilig na ako sa simple song written for me (Harana! Think Wedding Singer's Grow Old / airplane scene!). San ba ako makakapulot ng makakatalo sa mga modern prince charmings of Youtube:

Kilig #2: Terms of Endearment

Whether Gia, pa yan, Ansky, Gon-Gon, Gubz, GF, big sis, BFF, or Ate A (yup lahat niyan existing nicknames ko haha) --feeling ko lang may dagdag extra 10 points sa closeness level namin pag may ibang tawagan nang alam mong para sayo lamang. (nuks) 
(Take note: Basta ba close kami ha! Hahaha!)


Kilig #3: Love Letters

As in handwritten! Laida Magtalas in the flesh na ata ako (character ni Sarah Geronimo sa Very Special Love, hahaha), dahil I love sticking post-it notes whenever I leave a friend's place, or include them in gifts, etcetera. Heartfelt letters are my weakness! Or, okay, sige na nga pwede na ding idaan sa email, DM sa FB, blog post, or public Tweet, hehehe.


And with that, let me introduce to you the project I mentioned from my last post
Ladies and gents, I am super proud to present to you LOVE NOTES, an Anagon Valentine's Day collaboration with Indonesian accessories brand The Little Things She Needs!

The moment TLTSN emailed me about Love Notes, sobrang KINILIG ako.
To the bones? To the effing bones! Lol.

 Maliban sa best in concept sya for love month, isa pa yung ako na ata ang one of the cheesiest girls of the WWW.
I always wear my heart on my sleeve! Cheesy ba kamo? The Little Things She Needs.... I'm your girl! 

(Photo by Chai Mungcal. Modeled by Jesrhel Co)

The mini-collection will consist of different Anagon Wire Word Necklaces, na exclusive for TLTSN.
Consider them Love Notes ....from me, to you.

Production is still on going (kill me now!!! Joke.), but I do hope you'll support me when they're out na! As always, like anything from ANAGON, lahat yan WORK OF HEART, one-by-one handmade with love by yours truly. :)

Sana magustuhan niyo! :) These are for you.

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  1. You deserve it Ms. Ana! Congrats!

  2. So happy for you and your brand! This is only the beginning of WONDERFUL things for you! Congrats sis! ❤

  3. wow, that sounds awesome!
    and you're creative mind
    really deserves it :D

  4. go beb!!:) what makes me kilig is this project you have with TLTSN!!:D

  5. Hahaha natawa ako sa list ng pet names! Love it. Kaguley talaga lahat ng tao mapakilig lang ang special someone nila no? Hayyy :D Hahaha! I'm so happy for everything na nangyayari for Anagon Collection. I believe malayo pa mararating nito big sis!! ♥ So cheers! Simula pa lang yan. I'm very very very proud of you. :) Alam mo parang bata ako nun nagsabi kay Mommy pagkauwi ko, kinuwento ko sa kanya 'tong big collaboration mo. :D WEEE ♥ Love you sis! You deserve these things :) :)

  6. Nakakatuwa naman ang build up to your new project!
    Congrats! Can't wait to see them in TLTSN! Buti nalang they opened a branch in ATC :D


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