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Saturday, February 09, 2013

White Shades with Black Flower Details - Coming soon in Crave More!
White Polo with Ribbon Collar - Baguio Ukay!
Red Dress Worn as Skirt - SM GTW

Red Watch - Veloci by LTime Studio
White Sneakers - Shulong, Res Toe Run

Ang bilis! The week flew by lang, and yesterday, the DLSU University Week bazaar finally ended (with a bang! ;p). Also, along with this conclusion is my production for Project TLTSN: Love Notes by Anagon! Mom took care of the day's bazaar matters (with Jenny, na gumaling na from sakit)...Habang ako I woke up around10am na to continue with the chaining of the necklaces. I left the house ng mga 3pm na to go to The Little Things She Needs head office in Green Hills area, and delivered the necklaces they will release in ALL their branches SOON! Hay ang puso ko!!! Super excited!

After delivery, I headed to DLSU for my stall, and reached the new venue mga 5ish na (sooobrang traffic!). As mentioned here, they transferred all the booths in another location (Henry Sy Bldg) para lahat ng ganaps in one place lang--which included a CONCERT, some RIDES, and all the food and non-food booths! Ang saya na kaguley! Outsiders were welcomed din inside the campus for 100 bucks. 

Saktong sakto nga naman ang outfitelles natin for the day noh!???? Parang 50s lady lang spending her weekend in the nearby fair! Tapos manunuod ng circus afterwards? Lol!

I super duper missed my friends though! The afternoon is like parang jumoin forces ang EK ganap and Concerts ganap namin--mga favorite activities ng barkada ko in one venue! Except that I was there as tindera, and wala ang gang, pero naenjoy ko nadin just people watching the bagets na ineenjoy ang Caterpillar and Ferris Wheel rides. Killer yung Ferris Wheel nila, lumilipad! Diba dapat chill romantic ride lang yun? Hahahaha panalo laughtrip sumisigaw yung mga sumasakay! Hahaha!

And super tuwa ko lang nung tumugtog na si Ebe Dancel ng Makita Kang Muli! Everyone's singing! Naalala ko college ako nung nauso tong song nato, grabe kinilabutan ako remembering the good ol' days! :) I also love the Silent Sanctuary part, kilig to the bones lang yung Ikaw Lamang. :) Gusto ko lumundag with the crowd surrounding the stage area hehehehe... But satisfied nako just watching (or listening!) from my stall. :)

And of course it was a fun week dahil I have the best boothmate! :) Thank you Christine Liwag! Ms. IN A GOOD WAY, hahaha! Pati expression niya nakuha ko na! ;p

ANAGON and Crave More will be in ST. SCHO MANILA naman next week, from Feb 13 to 15! Christine and I were joking na may work kami on Valentine's Day, hahahaha! We were laughing sa pagka sad naman ng aming loveless but moremore career situation, lol... But that is, in a good way ha! ;p

See you Kulasas! 


  1. Super love ko talaga style mo Ms. Ana <3 Ganda ng outfit!

  2. Andyan ako that night ate Ana :) Ilang beses ko nga po kayo nakita ni ate Christine kaso super nahihiya ako lumapit :-(

  3. Definitely one for the books!!! Can't wait for our future plans!! <3


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