Heavy Heart

Friday, February 08, 2013

Pasweet look for 4th day of bazaarista stint in DLSU! Hehe!
Red Floral Wreath - ANAGON
Floral Dress with Shoulder Cut Outs - Robinsons Department Store
Nude Flats - SM Parisian
Tan Satchel - Charlie
Pink Watch - Bench Time
Peace Bracelet - Crave More
Sweetie Gold Necklace - The Little Things She Needs x ANAGON
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Another necklace from TLTSN x ANAGON collection, coming this February for Valentine's Day!

Patikim lang pala yung third daychill lang sha compared to yesterday, fourth day of DLSU Univ Week Bazaar!

1) Last day sha of my production period for Project TLTSN: Love Notes, and I was prepared for a loooong hectic day. But when I woke up, I received a text from the mom of Jenny (my helper) na may sakit si Jenny and absent muna for the day. Nag panic ako dahil ibig sabihin solo flight ako sa booth--and sa pag tapos ng Love Notes!!! I am just thankful Christine helped me the whole time, pati with buying the supplies na kulang ko for the production! I love this girl na talaga!

2) I forgot to eat lunch dahil nabusy kami ni Christine sa pag gawa ng necklaces (she helped me!!! THANK YOU!!!) pati sa kwentuhan. I ate french fries and Gatorade though nung umaga, pasalubong ni Christine after her class! :) I remembered nalang about food nung dumating our visitor Ava that afternoon--I bought carbonara around 5pm sa isang food stall sa Yuch, and pagbalik sa malayo naming stall, narealize ko na papanis na sha. Hindi pa naman, but since white sauce and hapon nadin, medyo maasim na though walang bad smell--but I still ate the whole thing dahil gutom ako (at tamad na bumalik sa food area :p). Tanga much? :p

3) We were also required to transfer our booths sa "concert area" for Friday ganaps (today!)...So Christine and I decided to put down our set-up na yesterday night. Kung kelan wala kaming helpers ni Christine!!! Duling na ako the whole time and super tired, but I am just grateful that Ava was there and helped me! Thank you talaga beb! I am blessed talaga to have Ava as my friend!!!

At the Anagon and Crave More stall - with our blogger friends / visitors AVA and VERN! Thank you girls! And to Vern's boy friend Papa Dondi too! :)

Sobrang daming kaguley, but I got by naman with (sabi nga ng favorite kong The Beatles) a little help from my friends! Thank you guys! And last night I slept mga 5am na, finishing my Project TLTSN: Love Notes ng ako lang--continued this morning and finally! Finally guys tapos na sila! :)

Sinet ko dapat to as celebratory blog post, but "Heavy Heart" parin ang title ko even with all the accomplishments and the things na grateful ako (family and friends who are ALWAYS there for me! Umeeffort, I love you guys!!!).... It's because my favorite dog, and our oldest dog, is sick. The mailman arrived a few minutes ago, and nung lumabas ako ng house, kahit pinavet ko na si Ting with the help of my mom (super busy talaga the past days), hindi na sha okay. :( She's still wagging her tail when she saw me, but yung eyes niya weak na, and nakahiga na lang sha. Her plate hindi na nagagalaw yung food. :(

I know kakayanin ko ang pagod when it comes to hardcore business matters na wala ng tulugan at dugo at pawis ang puhunan, but nanghina ako and cried (still crying now actually :( ) when it comes to my doggie. Hindi ko ata kakayanin guys.


  1. I can only imagine how bad you must be feeling. :( Kahit ako, kapag makita ko na parang there's something wrong sa aso ko, natataranta ako and hindi din ako mapakali. :( Hope your dog feels better soon.. :( Love you Anagon!

  2. Oh beb :( Sana i could give you a hug. It bites talaga when someone you love is sick. Sana with the power of prayers gumaling naman siya. :( *hugs* beb

  3. HUHU Hirap nung combo kaguley sa day na ito sis! From Jenny's fever to almost panis lunch to transfer ng booths. Kalurks!! Buti you survived! Thank God for friends talaga to help you get through. I love you sis!! So sad I wasn't able to visit you. Sakit sa puso, nakakapanibago :D<

  4. Hi! Where can I buy your very charming hand-made necklaces and for how much? Hope your dog gets better soon.

  5. Woohoo!! Napagtagumpayan natin this day!!!!


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