St. Scho Guesting + Last Day of Resin Class

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hello Maniluh I am baaaack!!! Hahaha. Right now miss na miss ko na ang Sagada fresh yoghurt na hindi matatalo ng Mighty Mart yogurt I've been buying for a few unhealthy dinners nadin (unhealthy kasi I eat this along with pansit canton, chips, Hello Panda, and chocolates for dinner, hehe). But then, I miss this life nadin and my family and my other friends and even my buyers (my only textmates hehehe)-- so hindi na ako magpapaka post-vacation hangover / hibernate-mode na I usually go through before. Work mode ON na, and time to give you more kwentos nadin! :)

So before the vacation kwentos, eto na muna.... last Thursday (day before the trip) I was invited to go back again sa aking high school alma mater for a TV guesting with the college kids. 

With the talk show's segment host Laiza. The topic was on fashion blogging and my online business. I love talking about things I am very passionate about! I hope I got my message across, na at the end of the day--Do all things with love, and inspire to make a difference!

 Thank you girls for having me! The interview was super short lang, and they had so many guests din that day! But it was a fun experience narin, and I enjoyed being in my former 2nd home again. :)

From St. Scho Manila, I had a horror cab ride going to The Collective. The kuya learned na hindi ko alam ang way and was even teasing me paulit ulit na hindi ka ba lumalabas? Naiinis na ako kasi kaya nga ako nag taxi kasi malelate na ako for class, plus hindi ko na alam ang commute nito. I realized nalang na iniikot ikot na ako nung nag hit na ng P170 yung fare (ang alam ko malapit lang ang St. Scho at Malugay :s). I was super disappointed na may kasamaan parin talaga sa mundo, at bilang hindi marunong magalit, ginuilt trip ko nalang si kuya (hehehe) with "Ayan kuya baba mo nalang ako jan kahit saan, wala na akong pera ...sagad na sa metro mo, tapos inikot ikot mo lang ako. Late na ako, mawawalan na ako ng trabaho." :p Lol... Anyway, I had to take one tric ride to reach Malugay from where the gago cab driver dropped me off (wala na talaga akong tiwala sa taxi drivers natin!!!! nakakadala!!!)...

...So happy to be greeted by CraftMNL's beautiful second floor! Hay, a happy place! :)

Clear glass windows converted into quirky calendars! :)

So we all got the pieces we made last Tuesday (read my post here!), finally tuyo na the resin!

My pendants! Some of them ok na ok ang pagdry, but I had pieces na medyo nag bubbles, or malambot ang pagtuyo. :p

My creative classmates' works!

Milk Tea and Vegetarian Siopao from Wabi Sabi while trying to figure out what we want to do with our resin pieces!

Our instructor Nikki of Junk Studio showed to us the different accessories we can create with our art works! She also gave us tips kung paano ipolish some of the imperfect pieces. FUN! :)

My oc seatmate Pia! :)

 Classmates! :) Pia, Chiqui, Nikki, Charity, Jodi, and Tal! :)

 I had wires with me for the adding of jewelry components part of the class, and my classmates learned na I work with wires as my bread and butter. I started with just showing them how to cover a piece of resin with wires, and then nung huli--I was making wire names na for everybody! :) 

The busy kids! Ayan ako nagwawire sa corner ng table, hehehehe. I love making things for people! :)

My class, showing off our works! :)

I super had a great time in this class! I hope I can make unique resin pieces for Anagon in the future! By the end of the class, CraftMNL's Nikki and Marielle asked me to stay for a while so they can talk to me. Principal's office agad-agad? Hehe! 

So while picking more rubbers and wooden handles for my rubber stamps pabilins, they asked me if interested ako to teach with them! I was super tulala that time, but of course I said yes! Finally, I think my dream of becoming a teacher is finally about to come true! Maybe with the right subject and the right venue, I can be a teacher! 

Thank you CraftMNL! Looking forward to this new venture!



  1. Nakakasad nga ang taxi drivers dito satin. Kaya as much as possible ayoko mag cab pag di ko alam ang daan. Anyway ang ganda ng output niyo! :D

  2. Kainis yung cab driver ng araw na yan sis ha!!! Na-stress ako kahit wala ako dun hahahaha! Hayyy!! Anyway, congratulations for the guesting sis and the arts class! Kakatuwa to share your skills and whatever you love sa mga tao ♥


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