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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Hi guys!

A little update muna....
The past days had been toxic, and I can only hope I am managing well (one at a time! mantra). I miss my kwento sessions here with you guys, and stress-wise, buti nalang talaga mesa-stoic ako at times (well, yun ang tingin sakin ng pamilya ko, haha)--I try hard to go through everything reaction-less and with grace (one at a time!). Kaya kapag sumagad na, minsan naman extreme ako--react kung react! Snap kung snap! :p And I don't like that side of me so right now I am preparing myself sa isang ultimate juggling act as BU5 is nearing, and I have to work on so much things along with Anagon Summer 2013 marketing and designing, and this blog. 

If there's one lesson na nastuck sakin from reading and listening to Bo Sanchez talks--it is to delegate tasks, most especially your weaknesses! Why waste time on things you can't do? We don't need to work on all our weak points! Instead, just focus on your strength--and work with people whose strengths are our weaknesses (In short, hire! Or collaborate!). I'm actually thinking about getting a marketing arm for my small business, and also, form a small group of "BU5 Angels" to assist us from this point on till June 1. We usually have this "Power Team" before, and I am proud that I have formed the best BU3 Angels that helped us during the Grandview Makati event! :p

Anyway, so much yakking na haha! What I really want to share is one of the classes I attended last Sunday with my Ate. 

I borrowed our bunso Cea's car (and had ate to drive for me, o diba applying na the delegation strategy, haha) since wala namang work si Cey ng Sunday. We comfortably headed to the Calligraphy Crafternoon in Pino/Pipino Jupiter St.

 When we got there, the restaurant was transformed into a classroom. I saw my favorite couple PJ and Alessa Lanot in front by the projector--our instructors for this workshop titled Calligraphy & Creative Life Planning Workshop with PJ and Alessa! I love their tandem: PJ works as professional speaker on life planning, etcetera, and holds these seminars for big companies like BPI and government firms, while Alessa is THE idol crafter! :) Check out her blog Life After Breakfast. Other than their own personal skills, they're also part owners of BRGR Project and the Pino / Pipino Restaurants (Alessa is also a vegetarian! :)).

Even our sticker name tags have these cute mushroom prints--the stamps were made by Alessa herself! 

We started with the creative life planning, where we worked on several lists--thanks to PJ's guide. We also shared some of our 2015 BIG plans with our partners (buti nalang kasama ko si Ate, instant partner, haha)--and although something we can do on our own, I appreciate having to really sit down and think of my life plans. We don't really give time for these things kahit na palagi nating sinasabi sa sarili natin -- in the end, napopostpone lang ng napopostpone.

We had a break before starting on the calligraphy part of the class. They served us Pino/Pipino goodies--Sisig Tacos and (theyummiest) nori cheese sticks. I got excited when Alessa asked if there are vegetarians in the group--haha--they served a yuuumm special tofu dish for us! :)

Bilang foodies, Ate and I also checked out the restaurant's counters and menu, and bought these. We munched on these Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies lalo nung nastress na ako sa calligraphy (haha), and I also bought this COOL jar of VEGETARIAN BAGOONG! Grabehan, ngayon nalang uli ako nakakain ng bagoong--and this one tastes so good! :) A jar costs P125--pabilhan nga ng indian mango! Hehe.

Now on to our Calligraphy Crafternoon! Ms. Alessa went through the technical parts through slides.

I wanted to go for et and write words and be all-Shakespeare-y and write a love sonnet (lol), but Alessa told us to hold our horses and work on lines first. She gave us several exercises to work on to practice our grip and pen-paper angles.

Our class kit includes: a bottle of ink (I got the black), pencil, 2 different types of nib holders, a nib (or yung dulo ng pen), exercise sheets, notebook, and acid free sketch pad.

The two nib holders - the black one is used if you are more of an angled writer.

 I prefer the regular pen--although wish ko sana may ink na sha sa loob (hehe)--grabe pala ang patience nila Jose Rizal at Michelangelo, dipping pens (or feathers! ;p) every few seconds while they write their novels and life-changing inventions! It's amazing to think na buti nalang hindi nasisira train of thought nila! :D

For our final activity, they made us write down our favorite life quote in calligraphy!

Ate's, a line from The Kite Runner:

Mine is, of course, EXCELSIOR from my new favorite - Silver Linings Playbook! :)

 Ang catch here is that they'll pick three winners of Pino/Pipino GCs! At dahil foodie kami ni ate, laki ng pressure! Haha.

Sayang hindi nanaman kami nanalo ni Ate, but tignan naman ang winner! :) Deserving talaga si mother with the Dr. Seuss quote!

Thank you so much idols PJ and Alessa for an afternoon well-spent! I learned so much from your tandem! :)

We finished at around 6ish already, so Ate and I had dinner na in BRGR Project. Nagccrave din naman ako nito--I missed their tofu burger and truffled fries!!! And milk shake! And even yung pag fill out ng make your own burger, namiss ko! ;p Haha!

"Hindi ka Gonzales kung Hindi ka Foodie!"
Macalligraphy nga yang line na yan, at ma-frame sa kitchen namin, hehe.

Mahirap din pala sha, but nakaka-adik a! I realized that (aside from my almost-daily bikram yoga), crafting is therapeutic for me. Tanggal stress talaga! Although I do make wire crafts as my bread and butter, ang sarap ng break from something I always do by trying out a new medium. Sana I earn more from my crafts so I can enroll in more art classes. DALIFE yun for me! :)


  1. love calligraphy! sayang missed another class. :( but hoping i catch one real soon!!

    1. Thank you Ava! :) Let's crafts class with Honey soon! :)

  2. Love reading your blog. :) You always sound so passionate about your craft and you seem like a very positive (walang nega vibes sa katawan :)) person.

  3. mmm.burger.sarap. :))Calligraphy seems awesome :)

  4. Nakakahawa yung pagka-good vibes mo sis! Ma-apply nga rin yan sa sarili ko. ♥ Haha and ang bongga ng calligraphy!! Shiz sana may ganyang talented hands din ako :-S I miss you sis!

  5. Sis! My pic pala ako sa blog mo. LOL! Great to see you sa calligraphy workshop! Practice practice practice!

  6. Wow ang galing! I hope meron ulit next time and I can join.

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