MALDITA Studio Warming

Sunday, April 21, 2013

I was invited to the Maldita Studio's blessing where family, friends, and members of the press celebrated this new Maldita venture with yummy overflowing food and drinks from Mango Tree Bistro, free hair makeover in their salon's private rooms, ribbon cutting with guest celebrity ambassador Hayden Kho, and the actual prayer + blessing of the whole salon (complete with tapon ng coins and chocolates!). When I got there, halos the place was filled with family members and close friends of the owners, and although a bit shy and out-of-place sa mga ganaps nila madam and sir, I was also super amused watching them all so excited for this new business. I am once again impressed, also, inspired to witness a dream-turned-reality --- learned that even before a clothing store, Maldita owners' first love is to have their own salon. And now they are living their dream! :)

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