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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hello guys! :) 

I am still on vacation mode, and in all honesty and feeling student-y that I am, haha, sobrang hirap ako to shift my "mode" from petiks, pahiga higa, babangon lang pag lunch mode, to working, wiring, emailing mode. Nung Holy Week, ang biggest problem ko na kung anong next book or movie or series ang aatupagin ko! ;p 

So, I ended the blessed week with a bang--celebrating Easter Sunday in a spontaneous concert with Pax! Gusto ko talaga manuod ng The Script, kaya pinush at pinilit ko talaga kahit walang sure na kasama (buti nalang taga Cubao si gurl!), and kahit na "sold out" na daw yung tickets ("Maniwala ako!" Haha!).

Right after my Easter mass and lunch with the family, I hopped in a cab and flew to Smart Araneta. Risk-risk nalang kung may ticket pa! I arrived there mga 2pm, and kung seswertehin nga naman the ticket booths were open na--AND MAY TICKETS PA! Gen Ad lang ang may "Sold Out" sign, and ang pinaka the best talaga is walang kapila-pila! 

Anyway, so mission accomplished na ako ng 2pm palang (potek aga, haha), so I decided to stroll around Gateway, checked out new titles in Fully Booked, but wala akong gana bumili (napagastos kasi bigla for the tickets, hehehe). I checked out the movie sched para I can waste time there bilang 8 pa ang concert, and 6 pa mag oopen ang gates... But lo and behold (lol, nagamit din yung phrase na yun! Haha!) mas mahaba pa dito ang pila! Ang tanong nalang is, for GI Joe ba to, o for John Lloyd and Sarah? ;p I decided to have coffee in Figaro.

While having iced coffee, I called Pax about our plans, and then sabi niya I can just go to their apartment muna and sleep there (tipid pa!), so I did...Pag labas ko ng Gateway to get a cab... Another "Lo and behold" nga naman!

Sold out na nga ang karamihan sa section--UAAP levels pa sa haba na ng pila! 
In a span of less than 2 hours, zigzag na ang lines! Meant to be nga naman!

Vids I took during the concert:

With my The Script concert buddy, Pax! :) We talked non-stop lang before the show started.
Asa Upper A lang kami so we went there as early as we can (mga 6ish), and got good seats in that section. :)

Check out the crowd! 14, 514 attendance daw, ayon sa Manila Concert Scene! :D

Nung lights off na, we were amazed--biglang nag light up ang buong Araneta!
Ohmyweakheart! :D Pakinggan ang side remarks ni Aisa Ipac, hahaha! ;p

I think I know now why I spend money going from concert to concert of my favorite bands. Actually, hindi nadin kailangang favorite e. May time na I used to listen to new album songs via Youtube before going to a concert, but now I realized--for what naman diba! I can go to a concert now just because may ilang favorite songs talaga ako sa banda na to, and discover new favorite/s right there and then na. 

Yung hinahanap ko sa isang concert is that "Goosebumps Moment". To name a few from my short list of concerts na naattendan ko--it's Remedy nung Jason Mraz, Look After You nung The Fray (di ko man lang pala nablog to, but included in my year-ender), and Just Like the Movies during Katy Perry's. For Vertical Horizon's Forever, it's a song na dun ko nga lang narinig! Napasigaw talaga ako, haha!

For The Script, akala ko Breakeven or Man Who Can't Be Move na yaaan (hehe). 
Unexpectedly, it was nung For The First Time.

Watch concert from my view...and the "closer" version of this "goosebumps moment". Second video taken from Youtube--kung kaya ko lang pag tagpiin both vids! Para makita how MAGICAL the pagka synchronize ng lights, the band, and the audience response to the whole song. Eto yung "last song" (before the double encore)... and they left us hanging with the continuous Oh these times are hard... Nakakaloka! :D

Credits to Cherry Mariano

Sorry for the random spill of words hehe, super happy lang. :) It was a great night, and I guess one of the reasons narin is finding the song, enjoying the rain of confetti (although hindi umabot sa section namin, lol, so mas panalo parin sakin yung glow sticks moment! ;p), and of course dancing and singing and joking around with my friend Pax. :)

I can't wait for my next concert "goosebumps moment". Sana Coldplay na to! :p


  1. Kainggit! Ikaw na! :)


  2. i love reading your blog ana because sobrang real yung posts mo…<3 no pretentions. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

    1. Hi Gizelle! Thank you soooo soooo muuuuch!!! :)

  3. AWWW SHET Love it! Haha ohmyweakheart!!! ♥

  4. Kaleeerks ang concert! Insaaaane! Encore after encore after encore! ♥

    -Deeta :)


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