Jason Mraz Live in Manila 2011

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Along with Johnny Depp and JF (hahaha), feel na feel kong asawa ko talaga tong si Jason Mraz. I blog-greeted him on his birthdays. I used to read his blog (he transferred to a .com). Too many times I used his lyrics and song titles as blog titles or FB/Twitter stat. I swore pag pumunta siya ng Pilipinas, hindi ko palalagpasin. 

Kaya when I learned of his concert months ago, at kahit walang sure kasama, I asked ate to book me a ticket to the concert. I got Upper B ticket worth around P1600.

Weeks before the concert, plans were cancelled, disappointments surfaced, and medyo nasad din ako na I might not really enjoy Mr. A-Z after all. Then I learned that Krissy will also watch with her friends. Alam kong kaguley forever ang friends ni Krissy, so I am sure they are perfect concert buddies... I asked if I can tag along with her group, and she said yes!

Krissy and her gang bought Gen Ad tickets, and although I am a few hundreds lugi for using my ticket in this section, I know mas sulit siya because I am with good company. We got there and thought late na kami (Krissy and I came from Accessorize event pa!), but we were actually lucky to get center seats sa pinaka taas ng Gen Ad...More space pa para sa dancing! Haha.

Not so bad! Not bad at all, actually! :)

The gang: Jonas, Krissy, Me, Mich, and Paul

I don't know how to describe the feeling of anticipation, excitement, and napakadami pang emotions while we waited for the concert to start. Ninenerbyos ako as if naman ako ang kakanta (haha). I kept on looking at the passing food vendors, then when I finally bought an overpriced iced tea, the lights dimmed...And walang paligoy-ligoy, the show started. No hosts, no awkward opening acts, no irritating ads and announcements. My Jason Mraz and his bud and music-partner for ten years Toca entered Araneta Coliseum's stage and started with their seemingly hippie-gig feel of a show. Parang akong asa Woodstock!

As said in one banner from a fan na naproject sa screens: "Love the Jesus look!" Hehe.
photo from manila concert scene

Jason Mraz Special Acoustic Evening with Toca Rivera
October 30, 2011
Smart Araneta Coliseum

SET LIST (thanks Cea! :))
She's the Bomb

Dynamo of Volition
Live High
If It Kills Me
Across the Universe
Fly Me to the Moon
The World As I See It
The Woman I Love
Beautiful Mess
Please Don't Tell Her
I Won't Give Up
93 Million Miles
You and I Both
The Remedy
Details in the Fabric
Life is Wonderful


Freedom Song
I'm Yours

There are more new and unfamiliar songs to me during the concert, but for me that made the affair more special. Sabi nga ni Cea (who watched with her friends also) eto yung concert na hindi mo kailangang alam yung kanta para maenjoy mo. Pure talent. I love it whenever he lead the crowd to clap to the tempo of the notes, or whenever natatawa siya, like when he started with one of his mainstream song Lucky, and everyone just shouted kasi finally familiar na yung kanta. Hehehe. Ang charming niya, and he really is all about the "Wordplay"-ing and singing his songs in a way na hindi ko ineexpect.

photo from manila concert scene

I really looked forward to Live High and If It Kills Me, my 2 overplayed Mraz songs in my phone. I was waiting for Love For A Child, which is most probably my pinaka favorite Mraz song, sayang sana isiningit kahit after the MTV Human Trafficking segment. I love the vibes during his rendition of Across the Universe, and during Krissy's favorite A Beautiful Mess. Goosebumps mode talaga, and I felt like I am in a different dimension. Floating. I love being with Krissy through this whole sentimental experience too. :) Araneta was just filled up with love.

If I were to choose, the Remedy moment is my most favorite (segued with Wonderwall by Oasis):

I say the tragedy is how you're gonna spend
the rest of your nights with the light on. 
So shine the light on all of your friends
When it all amounts to nothing in the end.

I won't worry my life away
I won't worry my life away

As cheesy as this may sound, I figured out this isn't a "love song", but a life song. It's as if I was filled with new strength and desire for life once again. Filled with Love. People were all singing together especially during the lines above... And then the venue lights, in perfectly synchronized timing with the words shine the light, illuminated the whole Araneta making every face, every human being, visible to me. Napa wow nalang ako.

I watched as the people were caught by the light. I wonder how many of them are truly happy. I wonder how all these work, but I pray that every single soul right there in front of me caught the love and peace radiated through the vibes of this Mraz song. I don't know how to describe the moment best, so pardon if I borrow the words from author Stephen Chbosky:

"And in that moment, I swear we were infinite." 

Thank you my beautiful group for this hippie happy experience!

And of course, hindi kumpleto ang concert ng walang isang matinding exit na ng artist, at dumadagundong na We Want More! from the crowd! I think ito ang pinaka malakas na We Want More concert na naranasan ko... As Ate said, "parang pinalindol ang Araneta!" Naglaglagan ang mga alikabok sa patron, at naglabasan na daw ang mga ipis at daga sa Gen Ad! HAHAHA!!!

The concert ended with I'm Yours:
You have to watch this...Bongga yung improv...Lalo yun nag mala operatic singer siya!! :D

"Where do we go from here...To the beaches...
I can hear you talking amongst yourselves...Speaking in another language. Coz this is the kind of place where I could stay"

As tweeted before the concert, I know this is Jason Mraz's most overplayed song, but I'd love to hear I'm Yours ng live. It was a moment! Krissy and I and her friends were dancing at the top of the whole venue. Everyone knows the song, and we were all just having a good time dancing and singing na walang pake sa mundo. Like We're just one big family. <3

If there's one thing I picked up from this whole concert, Jason Mraz distinctly said "Keep that love going."

I am filled with hope. Thank you, Mr. A-Z!


  1. im so envious of your Jason Mraz experience! I should have been there. :(( Thanks for the concert highlights! :)

  2. Love this post! I'm really sad I missed it, pero sana bumalik siya. Cheers to concerts!! :) Hopefully kasama ka sa Katy Perry! <3

  3. Jetsetter: he said he's coming back next yr!!! lets all pray for this! hahah! :))

    Jenny: SANA! Tatambling ako pag fireworks na ang tugtog hehehe ;)))

    Liezyl: hahaha :D Kiligness si papa jason mraz kahit oldies na sya noh! :)) <3 Love him!!!


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