Shulong x Anagon in Res | Toe | Run Festival Mall!

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Meanwhile... earlier today (before the Samsonite event), I also went to Festival Mall Alabang (my family's
mall every Sunday--for church, for eat-out, and for groceries!). The Primer Group team met up with me in Res Toe Run for the SHULONG power table installation! :)

True to being an Alabanger... dapat chill outfitey lang! ;) Wearing my favorite white Shulong, of course!

Hi Maui and Ean!

Remember our SHULONG collaboration months ago? I designed a pair of plain sneakers along with fellow bloggers, and then had an event in Trinoma to exhibit our artworks and judge an on-the-spot Shulong designing contest! 

Here's an update on my favorite sneakers brand: I love the GRAY sneakers from their SS2013 collection!

Anyway, so for the set-up, sobrang hindi ko forte ang visual merchandising (haha-kaya pag ingress ng bazaar walang kumakausap sakin e hehehe) so super thank you to Ean and Maui for helping me with my set-up. I also brought a WHOLE ROLL of gold wires dahil hindi ako mashado prepared, haha, so I made things on-the-spot nalang.
Sorry sa kalat, and sa Payless paper bag, lol. Had a hard time conceptualizing the table dahil overover na si shoes, so dapat angkop parin sa metal and galaxy theme, and hindi maooverpower si shoesettes. 

Me to Ean and Maui: "Sana pala polka dots nalang ginawa ko sa shoes noh? Picnic set-up lang, bongga na table ko!" Hehe.

Anyway! The output! :) 
SHULONG wired "banner", with swirls and twirls, na very Anagon trademark! :)

May branding na nagaganap, hehehe:

Wired stars paandar:

And of course, my intergalactic wired Shulong! :)

On the other side of the table...

Yehesss lang, hahaha! :) One of my many outfitey pictures wearing Shulong--printed!

 Plating! "Work of Heart" and anchor wire necklace, plus vines.

There you go! :) Yehey super proud of this! The extra three sneakers are my favorites from Shulong SS2013!

 Thank you so much Primer Group, Shulong Team, and Ean and Maui for this opportunity! 
Such an honor to work and collaborate with my favorite brand! :) As a brand!

Fellow Alabangers / Southerners: I hope you can visit my display in Res | Toe | Run 2nd Floor, Festival Mall Alabang! If you happen to pass by, please do send me a tweet pic / Instagram photo a! :) It will be a month-long thing, and since medyo malayo ako, you can also visit my blog sisters' own Shulong Power Tables in Gateway (Aisa Ipac) and Robinsons Magnolia (Sarah Tirona). I am so proud of this trio's artsy achievement! :)

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  1. SUPER DUPER PROUD OF YOU!!!! ♥ Ganda ng table setup. Shet!! Gusto ko makita in person tooo

  2. wow I really love the intergalactic wired shulong! so metallic cool. :)


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