I'm Baaack!!!

Monday, June 03, 2013

Black and Gold Dress - Topshop
Tiger Belt - Gold Couture
Black Ankle Strap Heels - Rajo x SM Parisian
Red Bag - Abby Jocson
Photos by Tracy Ayson, thank you!


Hello world!!!!!

I am back here in my online home!!! Grabe super missed blogging and making kwentos with you guys, hahaha arte! The past weeks had been sobrang busy--blur of blog events, wire wire pag may time, 5-day bazaar, and of course, the Bloggers United preparations and event! Bilang allergic sa backlogs, I'll be dedicating the next days to REST and UPDATING THIS BLOG...and of course, shipping paid Anagon orders for the next three days! :)

The post-BU resolutions:
1) Go back to the "hot room" (yoga!)
2) Update and make new collection for Anagon.
3) Dedicate a day for "me-time" (pamper sessions, shopping, catch a movie, etc)
4) Fix the chaos, aka my room.
5) Update the blog again!

I can't wait to catch up again sa mga delays ko. All worth it though---thank you sooo much to everyone who were part and have been SO HELPFUL and SUPPORTIVE sa blog nato and sa Bloggers United! Now back to regular programming! I love you all!

Hibernate-mode ON muna! :)


  1. Nakakatawa yung may nakasilip sa last photo mo :P Love the outfit, Ana! :)

  2. The dress is very flattering on you! Gondoh!

  3. Akin nalang dress mo haha. Love it! Congratulations sa BU!!

    Megann, Style Surgery

  4. panalo ang outfit!! love it...

  5. Honggondo forevs!!! :) Congrats for surpassing all the kaguley moments the past weeks! So proud of you guys ♥


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