Being 20-Something

Monday, July 08, 2013

Executive peg nanaman for this outfit - worn on an ordinary weekday, when I tried looking for a Preview Ball outfit in High Street, and also to attend the Caronia event that night. Complete with low ponytail, fuss-free hair para ready na for board meeting (char).

Top - SM Ladies Fashion
Skirt and Bag - Mango
Shoes - Gold Dot
Necklace - Le Plume
Belt - Nava
Watch - Esprit Time
Photos by Tracy Ayson, thank you!

Minsan niloloko ako ng friends ko if bat ang formal ko, but minsan I can't think of an outfit na hindi lalousy but still comfy - pencil skirt lang ata talaga in my case. I got different colored ones in Mango during their (magkamatayan na) SALE few weeks ago - and no regrets nga naman kahit mej nakakaguilty parin sakin ang "hoarding mode" at this age! But then, I love my skirts! Instant boost sa outfit! Perfect pa for my Thursdays Club Hour! :)

Anyway, last night I encountered a video on Facebook with the title Why 30 is not the new 20 through my "Ashley" (na super miss ko na!) Reg (blog twin!). I find it worth sharing, and so with the interesting (and relate na relate!) title, I watched the TED video with speaker clinical psychologist Meg Jay talking about why we shouldn't take our 20s for granted. If you have nothing but time, we see our 20s as "developmental downtime" and neglect the different important things that we should be working on at this stage. Then, in the future, nothing happens.

If we want changes in our lives (career, family, relationships, even personality and life views), we should start working on it during our 20s - a critical period, our defining decade. Start adding value in your life - invest in yourself. It will create a big HUGE impact to your whole adulthood.

To my fellow 20-somethings, watch the whole vid here. Life changing!


  1. Bet! Madam na madam ang outfitey!

  2. Gandang outfit! Parang sunod sunod na meetings ang pupuntahan! :)

  3. Grabe you can really pull off pencil cut skirts big sis. Hands down ako!! Very very bet ang mga classy aura na ganito! Haha love you ♥ And yang "invest in yourself" part, noted with thanks!! Hahaha :*

  4. Hi Ana! tagal ko di nagbasa ng write-ups mo.. pumayat ka yata :)and you look so beautiful..blooming!:)


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