BU5 Team Victory Party @ SM Entertainment Center!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Had a successful BU5 bazaar and talk last month--But I can't imagine pulling off Bloggers United's biggest event to date without our ever-dependable and very efficient BU5 Angels! Mababaliw ata ako nun! ;p Right after the bazaar, I was offered by PR and my dear friends Genson and Mel of Full Circle Comms if I want a repeat of our SM Bowling Center game day--BUT this time sa MOA and with my BU5 team! Last Thursday, the team (which I fondly call my "Power Team") behind the recent Bloggers United event gathered for our victory party--The SM ENTERTAINMENT CENTER style! :)

Early birds! Right after my class, I ran to SM Bowling Center-MOA and was happy to see these kids again!

Papa Joed and Arnie:

And Nicole and Jacq!

We started to play narin (the others came late from work). We formed two teams with three members - Me, Nicole and Jacq versus Arnie, Papa Joed and Angel of Full Circle! 

I did my best hahahaha! ;p Ang galing ni Nicole partida, but sige na nga congrats Team B for winning! ;p

For refreshments, the food area is just next to the bowlingan...

But kung tamad kayo and gusto lang chumill..

They have this feature para you don't have to leave your station na in between games!

We had fried food goodness na niregret ng heart ko later, hehehe.

Inside the bowlingan, meron ding computer games area, na gusto ko itry dahil lang sa couch and flat screen :p

Billiards and arcades zone:

And these 2 videoke rooms sa corner, na miracle lang na walang gumagamit that time! :D

After one round of bowling, we ran na to the Nido Science Discovery Center to catch the 6pm show inside this sobrang hightech Digistar 5 theater! 

I LOVE this theater experience--imagine mo parang sinehan na hanggang ceiling ang ganap! Although nahihilo pako (mostly because of the fried foods, haha), sinundan ko talaga the documentary kahit nakatwist na leeg ko dahil asa kabilang dulo yung nagsasalita, hahaha! Panalo every time they show yung tipong stars and galaxy! Level up stargazing guys--sarap may kaholding hands! ;p Char!

Other than the educational planetarium experience - we had a tour of the whole Nido Science Discovery Center! F na F namin yan, nagfifeeling bagets uli! When you're planning a trip here, note that two floors sha, and very interactive (daming kuting-ting!), you have to set a schedule talaga na mahaba-haba ang time para you can fully maximize your visit! :) Bring your kids (or neighbor's kids, in my case, lol! ;p)

Lolong replica:

Patangkaran sila, hehe:

Akala ko ang laki na ng Size 10 Club feet ko, haha:

Mej eewy to - ultra-ultra close-up (macro-setting!) of a single split end! Parang chicken. :p

Another favorite is this Points of View kung saan makikita mo yung vision ng different creatures--like sa insect pala parang HD na HD ang eyesight nila! :D Scary! Sa horse may hiwa talaga sa gitna! Nakakaduling!

Of course, dahil may bias sa dogs, eto ang vision nila when they (lovingly) look at us, their owners! :) Awww black and white lang halos:

For the most part, I enjoyed watching the "kids" play! They deserve this! :) Picture galore ako here and there, pinauuna sila with the activities--realizing na very mommy mode ko pala non, hahaha!
Ang cute nila! :)

Eto din super cool - different "famous vehicles" lalo nung the time they came out!
For the Ford ambassadors! Hehehe:

Nicole and Christine's pick: A PINK Cadillac, of course!

Mine mine mine! Hahaha! Love this powder blue clazz Beetle! < 3

Ancient Forms of Writing--amused with words kaya I love this section!

Carvey Samonte, Alibata talaga! Hahaha!

Awesome display of actual vintage cameras! Shemay gusto ko toooo! Pang #selfie and #foodporn haha!

The cameras are displayed sa giant camera na to! :) Check out my kids taking pictures of these coolness, hehe:


We entered this tiny "newsroom", sabay hirit ni Carlo, "Welcome to Myx TV!" hahaha!

May script talaga! ;p Para daw sa mga namemental block na guests, hahaha!

They recorded us talaga! :) And then pinalabas sha outside--a permanent memory of our nonsense pero bentang bentang conversations! ;p Pwede nang VJs! ;p

One final photo before leaving the newsroom! 

More activities--this time, we were maximizing na the place dahil magsasara na the center at around 8ish! :p

Talking fish, na talagang nakikita kami hahaha! Si Carvey favorite niya, lol.

Hightech book of info naman ang pinagdiskitahan ni Nicole:

Christine showing me na marunong sha mag bike, hehehe! :) Cutie!

Never nawawala sa science centers!

Sige Christine and Nicole pakita niyo ang lakas niyo from Barre-ing and Plana Forma-ing! ;) Hahaha!

They have a library na may Wii din! Sayang if more time masaya ding mag laro here ng dance and sports!

Ang cute nito, they show experiments lang sa TVs... Si Christine tumambay talaga dito, at napapatalon sa tuwa after a project! ;D

Thank you sooo much to our very fun tour guide Ms. Genie! :) 

My babies! Visit their blogs: Carlo, Carvey, Czar, Christine, Jacq, Arnie, and Nicole!

Thank you so so much SM Entertainment Center, SM Bowling Center, and Full Circle Comms for being part of Bloggers United's victory party! :) Awesome game day, at dahil bitin (and marami pang absent! :) Missed you partner Pax!)---I heard they're cooking a Part Two for us! :D Weee! Spoiled! ;p


  1. BIG SIS ♥ Love you!!! Saya nitong victory party, salamat for this fun day. Haha naappreciate ko pagka-mother figure mo samen dyan, haha daming kids!! :p Can't wait for part 2! More more more kids hahaha!

  2. Thanks anna for this victory party! and to sm entertainment center! so much fun! pati ako kid? more of mommy dn ang peg! hihi anyways, so excited for the part 2! weeee!spoiled brats! :) :) :) luv luv!


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