Modern Marilyn

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hair Cut and Color - Azta Urban Salon
Yellow Dress - Old Navy, The Off Price Show
Green Necklace - SM Accessories
Brown Heels - SM Parisian
Brown Bag - Impulse Co.
Watch - Aldo
Cardigan - Forever 21
Photos by Tracy Ayson

Kung class and sass lang, I always look up to lady icons from yester-years like Audrey and Marilyn. Love them.

I finally wore the XXL Old Navy yellow dress I got from The Off Price Show a few weeks ago. If you've seen the photo of this dress in my The Off Price Show post, spag straps sha, but sa super luwag, I tied the straps sa likod and made it look haltered! :) Parang dress na ni Monroe, but in sunshine-y yellow (my favorite color!)! I wore a cardigan with the dress sa events--like for the rustic, vintage, formal themed Da Vinci's Workshop launch in MOA.

Also on same day, I attended the Azta Urban Salon's Bloggers Party in Eastwood! The theme naman for that is HIPSTER, pero nalito na ako how to combine that with rustic, formal, vintage-- so I just brought with me an Anagon flower wreath props, in case. During the Azta event, they spoiled us with haircut and color--thus my new red-brown layered hair!

Okay, so the busy days won't end anytime soon. Last week, I tried juggling the online shop with blogging duties, yoga classes, and the 2-day Student Media Congress in La Salle that I signed up for talaga dahil interested ako. Instead of going there as "media" (invited by Nuffnang for free), I was a "delegate"--as in no VIP seats, pila-pila din PMT (pag may time) sa registration, I paid for the talks I preferred, etcetera. It was so much fun, para akong loner (but not lonely! ;p) school girl transferring from one room to another para maka-attend lang sa different subjects ko for the day! This time, I am not afraid of going through things kahit mag isa lang ako. Anyway, after this congress, I have 2 more 1-day classes na aattendan in the coming weeks--and super excited na ako for them! True to my fresh-grad self, at this age I still find happiness in learning. Naalala ko my conversation with my childhood friends na kung may unli-pera ako, I'll spend them not on shoes and bags or gadget--but on taking all the classes that I want!


  1. Ay ang pretty sis! Peg na peg si mareng Marilyn hehe. I love the mamula mulang buhok!!

    1. Awww thanks Kathrine! :) And benta sakin yung mamula mula hahahaha! ;D

  2. You look fab in that yellow dress! Nice heels dear. :)

    XX, IamJenniya

  3. ganda ng hair!!! and you look super classy! :D

    1. thanks hazel! :) best compliment talaga ang class! ;p

  4. I love your bag :) And you hair suits you :)


  5. I love your layered hair! i have the same haircut but mine doesnt have more volume and bounce. Bagsak lng hair ko :(
    I like your dress!

    1. thanks leyanna! :) bagsak din yung sakin, but overly treated na ata kaya biglang nagka volume hahaha ;p Thank you! :)


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