My Sanuk Story + What's New with the Brand!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello world!

Nakakatawa, yesterday on a long traffickey van ride with my blog friends Paul and Sarah, our conversation was biglang napadpad to our first ever blog posts. Nagkatanungan na how we started with blogging before pa, pero yesterday mas specific ang usapan--like weirdest outfit choices, pinaka-malabong outfit shot venues/backgrounds (tipong may door knob pa sa gilid, o asa loob lang ng CR! O yung infamous mirror shots! Haha!). Anjan din ang filtered photos (sepia!), habang overly- unfiltered naman ang kwentos! ;p Hahaha! Ang saya din to look back! ;p

Anyhooo... So here's my veryvery first outfit shot, took this inside my room using my old Fuji digital camera, na naka-set ang timer. Hahaha! What editing?! What Photoshop? Wala pakong consepto nyan before! And kamusta naman sa cabinet stickers and gitara sa background diba? ;p Nagpapaka-hippie!

Raw-Fashion-Blogging at its finest!
The first post for The Fashionista Commuter - My Own Runway - where I wore my Gold Shine-It Sanuk! My first taste of the comfiest pair of flats, which I bought on-sale sa sister ko who was then a DLSU student and may requirement silang to sell products including Sanuk, Jansport, wine, makeup, etcetera. And para ma-reach ang quota, requirement din sa Gonzales family na pakyawin ang benta nya, haha. Thus, my first Sanuk! Cheers! Lol.

Flash forward na to 2013, yesterday I was reacquainted to the brand. They still have that powerful tagline na I fell in love with years ago: SMILE, PASS IT ON. Paka-positivity!

For Sanuk's new collection - they created these pairs from *ahem* REAL yoga mats!
Making the standard slippers super comfy for walking--comfy na nga mas cumomfy pa!

Aside from these standard t-strap slippers design (flats and wedges)...

...Sanuk's new Yoga Mat collection now includes the stylish Yoga Slings!

How to wear (it's not that complicated! :))

Soles--hindi sha madulas! :)

The new Sanuk Yoga Sling collection was launched in--Beyond Yoga in The Fort!

Chesca Litton as event's host:

Nice her gray Sanuk Yoga Sling! :)

Very chill the set-up, and may Anti-Gravity Yoga ganap:
(Galeeeeng ng concept of the event! Bagay kung bagay with the product! :))

Whoah lang! :D

They also entertained "volunteers" (sapilitang volunteers, hehehe!) to try the Anti-Gravity Yoga! Akk!

The teacher trying to calm-down the student! Meanwhile, si Paul pala asa photo na nito--hindi nya alam na...

Sha na ang next victim este "volunteer"! :D

Go Bff! Haha!

Perfect ang tumbling! Haha! Infer gusto ko din matry di lang prepared heart ko sa dami ng viewers! ;p Love the reaction of the girl:

Fun! :) Congrats Sanuk, and excited to use my own Sanuk Yoga Sling later pag nag yoga ako! ;)

Get more info on SANUK brand and products here and here! :)


  1. OMG Ana! Winner your first outfit shot! Haha. When I was younger I had my funny outfit shots too. Of course I didnt post in my blog. Haha.

    Btw, nice Sanuk product ha. :)

  2. Siiiiiiis! Mag-eenroll kami ni Rica, go tayo! :)

  3. Oh my gggg sobrang sobrang gusto ko mag-antigravity ang tagal na!!! Di ko mapush-push, di ko alam bakit! Haha tara nga please!!! :D Hahaha nakakaaliw yung throwback photo! Kulit may gitara pa hahaha see you tom big sis!! :)


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