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Friday, August 23, 2013

So the past petiks days just toppled over everyone's schedule (and weight, hehe), and to describe my state, I was in my own sort of chaos while Maring did her thing outside our house. I think I have this mild case of anxiety attack--and feel ko it comes with age. As in when I wake up every morning, I have this panic feeling building up inside my chest na parang may kailangang gawin, asikasuhin, tapusin--only to realize na--guuuuurl relaaaax asa bahay ka lang at wala kang kaaway. Haha. Anyway, so the past days I was trying to treat this mini panic attacks by transposing this big ball of energy to something productive, like working on blog backlogs and then online orders (that I can't ship naman, because of the bagyo), and making wreaths, cat's ears, crowns to sell at the Bazaar for all Season. And then ending my tired night at around 3am, still giving time for my books and series.

Commercial muna...Outfit from last week's Hedgren and Transcend Spa events:

Blue top with yellow heart sleeves deets - Christina Decena's SuperSale Stall
White Skirt - Mango
Blue Wedges - The Little Things She Needs
White "Paris Hilton" Oversized Shades - The Little Things She Needs
Nude Bag - Hedgren

Wore this look with my new The Little Things She Needs white shades and arbor-ed Hedgren bag, for the Paris Hilton day-look, hehehe.

With my little sister in blogging, Arnie, on the first day of the Hedgren event last Thursday:

My Thursday Group: Kells, Arnie, and Carvey!

Din-din with Carvey when I returned to Glorietta after the Transcend Spa event.

Thanks Carvs for being to-the-rescue parati! :)

Friday, went to SM Makati to claim my P5k worth of one-time GC / shopping spree! Bought trousers, bags, dresses, skirts, etcetera in a span of an hour! So much covet pieces sa SM Store, bitin pa kamo ang P5k, hehehe.

Cupcakes for Four! Treats for Sarah, Tracy, and I from Christine Liwag, my Day 2 Hedgren Team!

Outfit shots with the Sarah and Trace before we headed to the bebe event.

Dindin at the JD House of Lasagna

I got several tweets din that night na my photo was used in the Cash Cash Pinoy White Knight Tours ad! 
Hahaha benta--mom mowdel nako! Lol! ;p

Anyway, back to my issues (haha), I guess I can't help but feel the need to be somewhere or do something after weeks or even months of being on my toes. Para bang hindi ako sanay na walang ginagawa! But this storm serves as subtle nudge to rest and stay-put, at home, and relaaaax. Oh the irony!

Other than that, and more importantly, this is a reminder that there is more to life than you and your worries. Although it is healthy to be in touch with your own emotions and wallow over your 1000 feelzz (hehe), eventually one must get over these things, put yourself together, sit up and do something by being part of something BIGGER. I think a great start is to reach out naman and help those greatly affected by Maring. Rappler compiled contacts from different areas for relief ops / donations here.

PS: A happy happy birthday to one of the most selfless persons I've met: Aisa Ipac! :) I miss you GF and alam na alam mo namang I'm here for you lang palagi! :) See you when I see you!!!!

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