Sunday, September 29, 2013

"I've said this so many times before about so many things, 
but let me say it again: 
You are allowed to change your mind."
-Marla Miniano, EIC, Candymag October 2013

Blazer and Sweater - Ukay finds! | Pants - HerBench | Shoes - New Balance | Snap-back Cap - Anagon Bazaar | Watch - Veloci Time | Bag - SM Parisian | Photos - Paul and Tracy

Boxy all-black outfit (with hints of red) for the Topman event. I finally wore my ukay finds from yearsss ago >> a straight-cut black blazer meant for the gentlemen, and this black sweater with an inch-thick cool line smacked in the center (which glows pag natapatan ng flash, hehe!). 

Anyway, from the years of being a fashion blogger, there will be instances like now na parang I feel that we live in a "boxed" world. Na parang you have to know the answer to "what is your style" every single time this question pops up to you--and you have to stick to that certain style like goth-boho or 50s or donya nalang ako dapat forever, as if bawal mag experiment. This bothered me the past days lang naman, but I got my answer yesterday--- while browsing the latest Candymag!!! 

I hope Marla, Candy's EIC (and one of my favorite local writers!) won't mind if I repost her letter! I am sure a lot will get something out of reading this, and the whole of this month's issue! 
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"Whatever I love at any given moment, 
feels natural, easy, right, and most iportantly, fun. 
I have never not felt like myself."

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