Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jacket and Jeans - Wrangler | Tee - Terranova | Bag - SM Parisian | Aviators - Rayban | Shoes - New Balance | Watch - Veloci | Photos - Tracy Ayson

Blogging again from the bus naman, on my way home. Although the past few days had been tiring, can't help but feel so overwhelmed for all the good things, moments, friends, opportunities etc. that I've been experiencing. When it rains, it pours nga naman-- and I am glad to have this disposition of automatic gratitude na no matter how big or small the blessing this world sends my way-- wala na akong masasabi pa kundi with teary eyes, and arms stretched out pa yan, "Thank you, thank you, thank you for blessing me with so much, universe!!!". My only prayer now is to be more of a giver as I am a grateful receiver... With a willing and thankful heart, to pay all these forward para everybody happy. :) In short, am praying for a generous heart! :)

Anyway, I am also happy na uso ang sporty get-up that I don't have to wear and bring my heels to events for the past days. Rainy commuting is ten times harder than on regular days, and buti nalang with the tangerine rain jacket, cozy pants, and running shoes-- kayang kaya ko makipagsabak sa hardcore EDSA, menos the bv that comes with maraming dala and uncomfy clothes!!! :p Hay sana magtagal pa ang sneakers/ running shoes trend! :)

Anyhooo.. I'll take a nap muna at asa Ayala pa ang bus, mukhang matagal tagal na sentimental rainy byahe uli to. :) Have a great weekend, guys! < 3

Worn during the Tobys Sports Event.

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  1. Amazing talaga na nakakapag blog ka sa phone!:) Super grateful din ako sa blessings!:) Let them pour, Lord! Super gracious!:)

    Enjoy your new "sporty" hoody!! hehe :D Love ko yung sporty look mo! hindi ako pa kaya machieve yan!


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