HOLA! Magazine Philippines Launch

Friday, September 06, 2013

Yesterday's trip from Alabang to Sofitel for the HOLA! magazine launch was riot. I can't imagine it actually happened now that I am comfortably typing here in our house! I went out at around 3pm para may time pa to have my kilay threading and to search for a coral shade lipstick (daming balak!). I rode a different (and mas magandang!) bus from my usual route after learning na dadaan din naman shang Ayala--only to realize later on na hindi sha routang Skyway. 

For the south peeps, lagpas Tesda area palang usad pagong padin the vehicles and it was past 5pm na! I gave up the waiting, reading of e-books, and browsing through social networking sites at around 6pm, and decided to go out of the comfortable aircon bus the moment I saw na may girls din naman walking. WALKING! Sa HIGHWAY! Natapos lang ang alay-lakad lagpas Magallanes, bungad ng Pasay area, when I finally saw a jeep to MOA (no cabs). Cabs were available sa MOA na, and from there smooth na the ride going to Sofitel!

Bawi-bawi din PMT. Decided to have sweets and coffee at Le Bar in Sofitel before going to the event! Pampalubag loob sa di makataong lakaran!

While relaxing na with my friends, nasabi ko talaga out-loud na how extreme nga naman this from my condition earlier, na naglakad ako sa highway along with the kuyas, at usok ng motor at bus!

I just laughed about it, though, had a chiiiill time naman with Tracy:

And Ava:

We had this big macaron cake!!!

And a caramel - chocolate cake! My kind of sweets (yung caramelly, haha!)

At around 8pm, we went to the venue na at the Davao function room:

The jam-packed event:

We had fancy food and drinks:

Lounged around:

Listened to good music:

And met HOLA! Magazine's first cover girl: Jasmine Curtis-Smith:

HOLA! Philippines is the country's newest luxury lifestyle magazine! If you're into glamorous take on entertainment, fashion, and high society, you'll get hooked with HOLA! Philippines' tasteful, carefully crafted stories and photos on the lives of the hottest celebrities and personalities, both local and international. 

Pretty inside-photo of Jasmine Curtis in the premiere issue of HOLA! Philippines:

A trusted and reputable publication since 1944 as HELLO! UK and other international editions, Philippines' franchise HOLA! will give a more "familiar recall with majority of Filipinos," explains Publisher Paolo Manzano. Editor-in-Chief Jose Mari Ugarte sums up working on the first HOLA! Philippines issue with one word: EXHILARATING! 

Joining Ugarte in the HOLA! Philippines Editorial Team are Rorie Carlos-Manzano (Fashion and Beauty Director), Stephanie Zubiri (Lifestyle Editor), Stef Juan (Managing Editor), Kitchie Cruz (Online and Social Media Editor), Red de Leon (Art Director), Magic Liwanag (Photo Editor), and Myta Santiago (Editorial Assistant).

 Event's host Solenn Heussaff:

HOLA!’s global appeal is rooted in one thing: “Our unique and simple proposition, which is that life is beautiful and that everyone should be celebrating this,” says Manzano. 

Fun night! :)

HOLA! Philippines offers a slice of the good life for only P160, available in both print and digital edition. 
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PS: I was wearing a big denim dress during the alay-lakad a, haha, removed it and wore heels nalang nung asa venue na! ;p

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  1. saw you there! :) kalurkey ibang level nga yung traffic sa magallanes waited for my friend for 4 hours bago siya nakarating sa sofitel!


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