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Thursday, September 12, 2013

I only have a few makeup essentials, and most of them are used to emphasize my small tiny eyes. I got so addicted with shaping my kilay and the different strokes in applying a black eyeliner, I spent nights watching Youtube tutorials of my favorite makeup vloggers (Xteener!).

Through the K-Palette D. Eye. Y (DIY!) Bloggers Event last week, I think I just discovered another eye makeup obsession! Hello Japanese makeup, haha! Kawaii kung kawaii!

Hi Angela, Sarah, Nikki, and Cheryl!

K-Palette introduces their new Real Lasting MEGA CUTE Double Eyelid! I am not very conscious of my eyelids, but seeing the monolids use this product, nakaka-amaze the difference this little add-on to your eye makeup can give to your whole look. Gusto ko sha matry!

The event was held in the Geisha Restaurant at the Fort. They created DIY Stations (thus the event's name!) for the guests, before the actual program. FUN! :)

First Craft: D. Eye. Y. - ART STAMP

Hi Rowena and Michelle! :)

The instructions:
We were provided canvass, paints, brushes, and bottles with flower-shaped bottoms to create our very Japanese cherry blossom paintings!

Art attack! Haha!

Sabi ko nga, ano kayang psychological interpretation ng kagulo kong artwork? Hehehe.

Our works were displayed in the resto's window! ;p Panalo yung sakin nagddrip pa ang pink paint for moremore effects, hahaha! Art yan noh! Abstract! ;p Lol.

Second Craft: D. Eye. Y. PRESS KIT

In this station, we were tasked to wrap our own press kits--Furoshiki-style! :D
It's a Japanese-wrapping technique, and they provided nice printed cloths for us to work on:

Pwede na bang pang OOTD? Hehehe! I LOVE and enjoyed this wrapping technique, gusto ko sha i-apply this Christmas! :D

When we got back to our tables, we were served yummy Geisha Restaurant Japanese food, while trying out these K-Palette makeup:

Sarah showing to me kung gaano kadali i-apply yung eyeliner ng K-Palette (but her pinaka favorite daw is the mascara!). Ang pinaka catch sakin is that they're waterproof and smudge-proof!

During the program, we were introduced to the K-Palette Team:

Ms. Cheryl Chua of Beauty Box, the official distributor of K-Palette in the Philippines

Mr. Eiji Kinoshita, CEO of K-Palette (thus, the "K" in the brand's name! :))

The beautiful Ms. Rina Ogata, K-Palette's Makeup Artist

They conducted a makeup demo:

Using the different K-Palette makeup, highlighting on the two MEGA CUTE Double Eyelid variants:

The Glue version (Pink)

And the "Tape" (Orange)

Eyeliner and other eye makeup can be applied after using the K-Palette Mega Cute eyelid glue variants. Also, usage is proven safe even for daily use, and has moisturizing ingredients perfect for the sensitive skin around your eyes! What is perfect makeup, diba!!?? :D
Makeup trend update with K-Palette's Sales Manager Mizuho Hakayama. A new eyeliner technique with tiny triangles drawn on the outer edges of the lids, and the blush applied nearer the eye area:

I have been using my K-Palette makeup for the past days, and my favorite is their 1-Day Tattoo Brow Liner! They're easy to use nga! I have to practice lang the Mega Cute application (tried the orange version na)... Will blog about these nalang on a separate post! :)

Instax souvenir with Sarah and Mizuho! :D Most kawaii event, indeed! ;p
K-Palette Mega Cute (P695) and other K-Palette products are available in Beauty Bar stores nationwide!
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  1. wow! nice wrapping techniques! i want to learn the final wrap.. (box wrap)
    hope you can do a detailed post on that one sis!
    pls follow my blog

  2. @sarah - hahahaha naniwala sila paul talaga!!! ;D
    @ina - sige ill try! ;D super cool noh! :)
    @ava - it is! :) super cuteee!
    @jenny - naku maraaaming salamat naman!! :D Haha! :)


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