Friday, September 13, 2013

I can't seem to figure out my soundtrack for the past days. It's not a bad thing though, for me, like in style, I think that we are all licensed and free to try out anything we want. Like in life, we are a friend, a lover, the batchmate, a reader, an idol, a minion (hehe), a daughter, a sister, the teacher, the yoga classmate, etcetera... to one person and the next. It's a confusing thing when you just pause and think about all these things, but all so natural when you just go on, go out, and proceed with life.

Denim Jumper Dress and Polka Dots Tee - Forever 21 | Earrings - Viva La Manika | Gray Sneakers - Shulong | Cellphone Case - Boost Case, Beyond the Box | In-Ear Headphones - Coloud Pop | Photos- Paul Chuapoco

Crazy things are happening the past days, maybe it's us trying to put things together before the actual rush that is coming in a few months that won't allow us to stay put even for a sec anymore. It can be a crazy-ing tiring thing, but, oh well, such is my formerly-ordered playlist ranging from the Goo Goo Dolls to Avicii to She & Him (hahaha). Lakas maka-bipolar, but I can tolerate the madness.

Pocket Full of Sound. I super love listening with my new (orange and yellow!) The Pop Coloud in-ear headphones. With the flat cable feature, it's a durable alternative and (!!!) tangle free! Perfect to carry around and maximize in all my long, rainy, sentimental bus rides. Hehehe. The Pop Coloud also features a microphone and S, M, L in-ear replacement caps for better and secured fit!

Me to Sarah-- "Gusto mo makinig???"

And I guess, again and again, the sound that deafens the other is best listened to in pairs, in groups. Split the noise to make it bearable, even beautiful, a dance best shared with a friend or two.

Twin OOTD for last week with Sarah (our third na! Haha!) was JUMPER! Sarah wore her jumper shorts with a winner styling weeks ago, inspiring! Ako naman I opted for this trend in its girlier version! Maliban sa mas skirt-person ako kesa sa shorts, mas madali pa mag-CR (TMI!) hehehehehe.

Lucky is she who finds happiness and comfort amidst the surprises and chaos - sabi nga nila noon sa meditation class, the lotus flower that can only blossom in a murky pond. :) Nukz, high five tayo jan!
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Coloud The Pop is available for Php895 in Beyond the Box, Bratpack, Buzz, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Astrovision, Automatic Center, Electroworld, Avant, iCenter, iGig, iStore, iStudio, Mobile 1, Power Hub, Technoholics, and Urbanathletics

David: Where do you want to go?
Millie: Surprise me.
- Jumper, 2008


  1. so deep today huh??? :)) will post mine na din later maybe, hopefully.

  2. No other way kundi walang puso!!!;p nyahaha char-- napadami lang ng smores last night!;p

  3. love your twin ootd post! more of it please :)


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