Yellow Umbrella

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Guys! Let me introduce to you the kengkoy The Eggplant and the Commuter Project! Hahaha! I can't think of a good "project name" for this little collab with Sarah (Twin Chu Chu!? LOL) - na spur of the moment thing lang nung nakita namin the ever-cute Enciso sisters always matchy-matchy and charming during events... BUT never of the same style! Prinoproject parin nila kung ano ang personal taste nila even with the same color scheme or print. So sabi namin parang ang saya ng ganun noh, na may ka-plan ka ng outfit! Sa dinami daming ganap kasi, may days din na burnout na manamit or blanko na sa pag iisip... So why not put a little challenge with this whole dressing up and fashion blogging thing. So triny lang namin ni Sarah na we go to events with our "themed" outfits!

So far we've shot TWO palang, and here's our first. Last Butterfly Twist launch, we went for the Sweater Weather / lazy day look + short bottoms.

Sarah is obviously hippie-chic in her white sweater, denim shorts, and brown boots, effortless! Idol ko yan kaya ok for me tong challenge nato para mag isip isip naman ako ng susuotin kong next, hehe!

Meanwhile I went for the ultimate lazy girl, este, lazy day look: sweater + skirt + big men's watch + flats.

Black Sweater and Printed Skirt - Zara | Houndstooth Flats - Butterfly Twists | Yellow Umbrella - Bench | Watch - TW Steel | Photos - Tracy Ayson

And of course, para standout, I also bought a new yellow umbrella coz finally nakakita ako sa Bench ng automatic version-- para ready for the rainy days! Okay, seriously na nga, I bought it because for me it's the perfect modern-day symbolism for finding true love. Haha! 

... eto na siguro ang perfect reminder for me that, siguro (malay natin) at the right place and at the right time, ALAM NA! Haha! ending with a favorite How I Met scene (crayola!)


  1. Kahit wlang ulan and araw, bring your yellow umbrella to find love!

    1. Gusto ko yan!:) tipong kahit indoor naka umbrella basta yellow-- char lang!;p

  2. Ang galing!!! Mapapansin pa rin yung pagka-inject niyo ng personal style niyo ni mama Sar :D Haha twin chuchu natawa ko!!! Aprub!!

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