Pamper day with Phyto Hair Color and Deborah Lippmann Nail Color

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I was lucky to have an organic pamper session at the Emphasis Salon, Rustans Glorietta last week with the girls. Using environment-friendly and safe hair and nail colors, they set-up the beauty stations with leaves and greens for a more appropriate nature feel:

East Cafe foods were served! Yum!

My "before" photo, hahaha! Sorry sa hair, I just removed my ponytail na suot ko the whole day! ;p

Tracy semeselfie while rinsing, hahaha. And Madam Sarah! ;p

Asa other room...Hi Pax! :) #PaartsyShot

For our hair color, they used Phyto Paris - from the brand dedicated to bringing healthy hair products by using only the finest botanical ingredients (extracted from plants).

"There is no such thing as bad hair, only poorly treated hair." --Patrick Al├Ęs, PHYTO founder.
Other Phyto products include hair shine, shampoo, conditioner, and other botanical hair products:

My hair-care team from Emphasis Salon:
The Phyto hair color swatches:

Went for the dark red-brown tone again:

I love my extra-shiny hair! :)

Deborah Lippman, a singer and celebrity manicurist, collaborated with stars like Lady Gaga, Cher, Madonna, and other A-List fashion, music, and entertainment celebs to produce the cutest nail polish selection!

The Deborah Lippman nail colors include Bad Romance, Dark Side of the Moon, Tiny Dancer, Yellow Brick Road, Girls Just Want to have Fun, Rolling in the Deep, etc.

The Deborah Lippman gel polish was also awarded by the Mega Beauty Awards last 2012. It's like a regular manicure where you apply base and top coat, but gel polish sha that can last for weeks! No machines required na! ;)

I got the Across the Universe shade! :D I love the glitter / shimmer effect on dark blue background, but mas love ko ata the band behind this color's name, kaya I chose this! ;p Haha!

Deborah Lippman's Gel Lab (Php1845) is available in all Rustans Department Stores nationwide.

Fresh! I love my gals' new look, too! :D
With Pax, Tracy, Sarah, and the Rustans: The Beauty Source Team! Thank you for taking care of us! :)

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