A Morning with SOFA Design Institute

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Good morning!

Early up last Friday to attend the SOFA Design Institute talk on Fashion Journalism featuring Sir Colin McDowell - a fashion writer who interviewed big names in the industry, and wrote books including biographies of John Galliano, Manolo Blahnik and Roberto Cavalli lang naman!
Aviators - Fly Shades | Top - SM Ladies Fashion | Pants - Landmark | Sneakers - Chucks / Converse | Photos - Sarah Tirona

Bilang maaga at wala pa sa wisho to think of a decent outfit, I brought my Pajama Fashion to school para chill lang...

...My new Fly Shades from their Holiday 2013 Collection also helped in hiding my zombie eyes, haha! In love with their flash lens aviators:

Team Instax reprezent! Wearing my 3 new pairs of Fly Shades! Selfie-worthy, haha.

Coincidence narin to have an A+S kind of day! Matchy-matchy with Sarah, kahit unplanned! :D

Anyway, I went to SOFA Design Institute in Buendia Extension, and was welcomed to a classroom filled with fashion students! I was seated along with the other guests in the first 4 rows. Although loner-mode on, I love the energy inside the room.

Saw this in SOFA's FB page! ;p That's me sa 2nd SOFA from front, with my bukang-bibig face, while listening to the speaker. Hehehe.


On making it:

"I met Balenciaga once and he treated me with contempt because I crashed his party. But [that's] what you have to do. You have to go to everything and dance your butt off to maybe meet the one who will illuminate you."

On artists compromising creativity: 
"In the past, creative people prepared to be poor because they believed in what they did. Now it's hard for artists to believe in what they do because they're doing too much." 

On menswear:
"Really, absolute idea is coming out in menswear..."

On bloggers:
"I'm not competing with anybody. I think they're absolutely essential... We all have different perspectives. There's no competition at all."

On originality:
"The old equation that the west provides what the rest of the world consumes is not valid anymore...There's no point in copying the west...It isn't going to be quick- but you have to ask 'what is it that has made us a surviving culture for a millennium?'" 

What I am most amused of is how McDowell believes in getting yourself out there to maybe one day chance upon the right person, the right moment, the right inspiration that will make you compose the perfect piece to publish. As a blogger, I love that he respects this industry as well. Sabi niya, other than being "absolutely essential" for our instant reports, bloggers have a perspective that only we have. "What do I know??! I step in a limousine"...While us bloggers ang sumasakay ng bus, ang exposed sa streets, and everything that's happening in actual society. And lastly, he inspired me in fashion design and even in personal style by saying "Nobody wants warmed food"you expose yourself to arts, fashion, and designers you admire...And then forget about it. "Fashion designing is the hardest job in the world", you have to continue moving coz people want something new kaagad, or mapagiiwanan ka.

SOFA Design Institute
GF Enzon Bldg Buendia Ave, Makati


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