Candy Fair 2013: Music Festival!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

I'll always hold and keep good memories when it comes to Candy Magazine. Pag usapang course choice (Journalism) or my blogging or why Anagon brand boomed, I'll always tell people how Candy helped me realize these dreams back when I was still young and trying to find my way (naks). The teen glossy also generously gave me writing exposures with by-lines, and lots of accessories features (a pair of Anagon earrings even made their cover one time!). 

Aside from these, I also involved myself in past Candy Fairs when they still allowed selling booths. Tapos Candy Council of Cool member pa ako that time - in short, "Certified Candy Girl" na talaga ako! :) Certified Candy Fair! Teen Talk! Me, Only Better! Candy Wink! Best-est friend you'll ever have! Memorize ko lahat niyan!

 Dress and Boots - Topshop | Denim Polo - Next Jeans | Red Roses Headband and Love Necklace - ANAGON | Camera - Fuji Instax | Photos - Paul Chuapoco

Went to the recent Candy Music Festival last Saturday, geared with my floral headband and boots, para fair-ready talaga...And para mag-blend sa mga bagets! Hahaha (I tried!!! ;p).

For this year, though, I wasn't there as a Council of Cool member or a bazaarista---but as one of the Instax peeps! Haha! I helped Paul take 100 Instax photos of cute Candy Girls using the new Instax Mini 90. Daming cute Candy Girls, nahirapan kami mamili! ;)

When I got there, Paul and I had late lunch muna in his car--Coachella-style daw! Haha!

Felt right and at home inside the MetroTent. I really love the positive Candy vibes! :)

Ready for our mission!

First snap was given to me, of course, hahaha. ;p Test shot lang yan though, hehehe.

Cute nila noh! :) Candy Girls love their OOTD instax-style!

Tracy also came a little later! I love her boater hat! :)

Floral crowns all over:

Candy Cuties here and there! Gello Perez, the not-so-little brother of AJ Perez, accommodating Candy Girls with photo ops:

Always love seeing fellow bloggers Mikyle Quizon, Dani Barretto, and Kookie Buhain! :)

Dani trying out my Anagon Red Roses Headband..Cute!

Hosts Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Justin Quirino:

There were local bands (and boy bands! Hehe) that performed, like Taken by Cars, Take Off, and She's Only 16:

The Perkins Twins:

 For the most part, we stayed and tumambay sa Instax booth with Mikee of Team Fuji Instax! :)

We continued with our hunt for 100 Cute Candy Girls, and Instaxed them! :) This girl reminded me of Sarah - as in kumpleto snapback, t-shirt, flared skirt, and sneakers! :D

Spotted at the event were Khalil Ramos and Alexander Diaz--the 2013 Candv Cutie mini-mag cover boy:

Also had the chance to watch from the backstage where I saw PBB boys James Reid, Kit Thompson, and Yves Flores, and Youtube sensation Luigi D' Avola. Wasn't able to take photos, though. :p The Candy Music Festival ended with a prod number with all the Candy Cuties, a festive shower of confetti, and autograph signing with the guest celebs.

Mga pagod na, haha! Tracy and Paul:

Had dinner in Borough with Paul, Tracy, and her friends Jasmine Curtis and Sam Concepcion--napaka-surreal nga naman na dinner noh! :p Wasn't able to tell Sam pero I remembered the Candy Fairs na sa kanya ang pinaka malakas na tilian! ;p Those were the days!

Happy to also meet fellow Candy Girls and blog readers! Love you guys! :)

@clararosales even tagged me to an old Candy feature, hahaha! Grabe 6 years ago na to!

And of course, do get your copy of October Candy Magazine, with it-girl Julia Barretto on the cover!

They featured the Anagon Cat's Ears Headband in their fashion pages (thank you!)

Who's that girl! Haha! Tracy, btw, is my kabatchmate sa Candy Council--where we first met. :)

The October Candymag issue also comes with a free necklace that says "Candy Girl"....
--tapos pag finlip mo the pendant, it says "Forever"
After everything I said above, all together now: Awwwwwww...!!! < 3


  1. Awwwww! I still buy Candy - yun past issues sa Booksale. Sabi nga nila Once a Candy Girl always a Candy Girl!

  2. This post made my Candy girl heart feel nostalgic, Ate Ana. :) Too bad I missed this year's Certified Candy Fair! But I remain a Candy Girl at heart! ♥ ☺

  3. So happy I saw you and even had a little chat ^___^ Thank you! <3

  4. Aww!! I can't believe I missed this event. Major sayang! Bakit kasi may class ako ng Saturday and whole day pa huhu (makarant lang). Pero thanks for sharing your experience sa Candy Fair, sis!! :) And I love your outfit, bagets talaga and with flower crown pa! Super hipster!


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