Saturday, October 26, 2013

Pink Sweater - Zara | Paper Bag Skirt, Hat - Forever 21 | Checkered Polo - Ukay Find! | Boots - Topshop | 
Camera - Fuji Instax | Necklace - SM Accessories, House of Harlow | Photos - Paul Chuapoco

Dearest friends,
Today is my 4th day at the bazaar, also my 4th PFW day. Ilang araw pang ganto, mauubusan na ata ako ng susuotin, at maooverdose na ng Berrocca!;p Trying to stir away from negativity and complaints, though, over-all, exciting and alive lang the past days. Nakakainspire

Anyway, the beautiful outfit pictures above were taken 2-3 weeks ago na, before heading home from Manila Hotel overnight. Paul and I were looking for a nice outdoor view after checking out. We saw the hotel's garden, poolside, and parking--but then we chanced upon this port when we went out of the hotel from the back gates!!! Manila's old charm did not fail us--add the weather that cooperated (hindi kainitan / paulan palang), and a steady company. :)

Ang saya! The perfect way to cap this chill staycation!:)

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