Freeway x Juan Luna

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fashionalism brand Freeway launches their Holiday collection - a part of their first ever Filipino Masters Series, showcasing the works of the legendary Juan LunaKnown for masterpieces such as Spolarium, Death of Cleopatra and Battle at Lepanto, he was the first master who has shaped Philippine History. 

Some personal favorites:

Halter Top with Hemband &  Una Dama Francesca:

Horizontal Shoulder Bag with I am Cold:

iPhone 5 Case with El Flautista

Longsleeves Top with  Una Dama Francesca: 

Mens Shortsleeve Tees with  Fencing Position:

Mouse Pad with Espana y Filipinas:

Razorback  Top with Fencing Position: 

Shortsleeve Peekaboo Dress with Rice Harvesting:

Shortsleeve Top with collar & Fencing Position:

Shortsleeves Tee with Espana y Filipinas:

Sleeve Extended Top with I am Cold:

Sleeveless Dress with El Flautista:

Sleeveless Dress with Overlap Hem & Fencing Position:

Sleeveless Jumpsuit with Fencing Position:

Snaplock Travel tray with El Flautista:

Vertical Shoulder Bag with  Espana y Filipinas:

A collection with evident balance of warm and dark tones such as brown, black, dark blue mixed with pops of bright colors such as red, yellow and more. The prints translated onto these pieces are a presentation of some Luna’s works including El Flautista, I am Cold, Una Dama Francesca, Espana y Filipinas, Fencing Positions, Various Subjects and A Roman, all of which can be found in the Lopez Memorial Museum’s special exhibit.

 With the Freeway Juan Luna Collection, bring (and even wear!) the beautiful Filipino culture and art wherever you go!

With the special packaging, they can also be the perfect Christmas gifts!  

For more info and updates, and to shop online, visit:

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