How to Save a Life: Unilever Global Handwashing Day

Friday, October 11, 2013

Alam nyo ba na every year, countless children under the age of five are at-risk of contracting Hepatitis A, Influenza and Measles. These are just some illnesses that may be prevented by proper hand washing. 

UNILEVER, the world’s leading Personal Care company, once again mounts this year’s celebration of Global Handwashing Day with a reinforced campaign to improve the health of more Filipinos. Unilever aims to do this by reaching out to as many as 3 million Pinoy children, teaching them how to properly wash their hands with soap.

The biggest celebration of Global Handwashing Day

This year’s campaign will kick off with a commitment event this Monday, October 14, 2013, at the Aurora Quezon Elementary School in San Andres Manila

Promoting a life-saving habit

In just two years, Unilever has already taught more than a million children this life-saving habit, but its staunchest proponent of Global Handwashing Day’s goal is to reach out to three million more this 2013.

Children are the primary target of this campaign because of their exposure to harmful bacteria that pose serious threats to their health. So many suffer from preventable diseases, this is why we believe that we should teach more and more of them to wash their hands regularly and properly,” said Chito Macapagal, Unilever Vice President for Corporate Affairs.

Join the cause: Pledge hands to save lives

Unilever also encourages everyone to take part of this advocacy by pledging and volunteering online. With its online platform:, everyone can sign up to pledge to teach one kid – may it be their student, their daughter or niece, proper handwashing and even taking it further by volunteering with friends to one of the many school and community handwashing tours. With the help of more supportive Filipinos, the advocacy may be bigger, touching and saving more lives.

The Clingies Unite! We will be joining the Global Handwashing Day this Monday!!! :)

“There is much more we hope to accomplish in the Philippines,” said Macapagal. “Unilever and our partners will keep fortifying our efforts to uplift the Pinoy quality of life. This bright future will be built by healthy, happy kids with clean hands.”

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