Bus Ride Reflections

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dear friends,

Although it's so hard to be optimistic when things aren't going my way, the least I can do is just move on fast and get back up again. Only those who are so afraid can disrupt the success of other people, but I believe that ideas won't run out. 

Anyhooo! Bus on my way to Baguio now with my blog friends Tracy, Pax, and Tin, and we're lucky to get the "chance passenger" slots for the first class bus, wahoo! I walanghiyang gave a loud "Woot!" at the bus terminal when they called our numbers.. Sabay high five kay Pax! :p Kekeke.

Anyway, may this random trip recharge my energy, inspiration, and drive to, well, create even better things. :)

More updates laterz!;p

Photos from intramuros during the Domex event.

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