Domex Campaigns for Better Public Toilets by 2014

Friday, November 08, 2013

UNILEVER and their leading specialized toilet cleaner brand DOMEX aim to save lives one toilet at a time.

During long byahes and heavy traffic situashen, I have no choice but take CR breaks in (sorry) filthy public gas station restrooms. Wet floors, and sometimes the flush doesn't work when I take a pee in MRT banyos. I've also been to a province where they have no toilets at all, as in hukay lang and I stayed there for more than a week! Grabe Survivor pala ako! ;p

Now, the goal of UNILEVER and DOMEX is a fully-formed advocacy with a nationwide initiative to promote a culture of cleanliness, better bathroom sanitation, and increase of public's awareness on how these simple acts can make a huge difference in lives and health.

The project got support and partnerships with UNICEF, the Philippine Public Health Association, the City of Manila, and Pilipinas Shell. There will be a series of training and activities on proper servicing of restrooms for NLEX and SLEX Shell gas station personnel, City Service employees, selected schools, and hospital sanitation staff.

Not only for public comfort rooms, WE can also take part in this clean toilets campaign by simply pledging online via Domex's Facebook page. The goal is to collect one million pledges to maintain clean, safe, and hygienic bathrooms by the next World Toilet Day in November 2014. Also, for every pledge they get on Facebook, the brand will donate P5 to Unicef's sanitation program.

"Regular use of specialized cleaning product can significantly decrease levels of virus contamination, and minimize the contraction of illnesses like influenza, diarrhea, and hepatitis," said Domex brand manager Dennis Chua.

Sabi nga nitong favorite vandal sa sa MRT CR:

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